Jeopardize:  put (someone or something) into a situation in which there is a danger of loss, harm, or failure

I think for this Daily Post I’m going to get a little bit political.

For all our bragging and huge assumptions the west almost entirely consists of America, Australia, New Zealand and Western Europe with Eastern Europe as a sometime cultural ally, there are perhaps one or two more outposts but these countries are the major areas and they are the only areas where western culture and politics based on a largely shared Judeo Christian history exist with any real power.

So, its a bit rich and extremely dangerous for the west to promote its ideas and values as if the whole world shares them, particularly since vast areas of the world actively dislike and object to western culture, even if in some countries the west appears to be respected, valued and copied almost all that respect, value and copying is not much more than skin deep and often no deeper than fashion and western music.

It seems to me to be something the west as a whole has got to learn to understand. Countries like China, India and Japan may pay lip service to western fashion and technology but they have their own cultures and are not about to give them up because the west assumes western culture is better so of course they will dump their own. We in the west must learn that while our ingenuity in some things is admired very often our lifestyles are actively disliked even held in contempt.

We actually put lives in jeopardy when we get all clever and arrogant and shove our attitude to things like homosexuality down the unwilling throats of countries with very different opinions and attitudes.

It maybe politically correct to pretend the whole world is equal and LGBTQ people are equal within it but it is a dangerous pretense. Not to the politically correct who promote the idea of individual equality from their safe western country, but to those in countries outside the west who might try to live the idea and instead end up dieing for it.

When the west in its often unthinking arrogance assumes its culture is better and must be adopted everywhere there is a danger some people in other countries are either exposed by the west or like naive fools believe the west, this is one way some men get thrown off high buildings for being homosexual and some women get stoned to death for trying to have an independent life or even independent opinion in countries that don’t tolerate gay men or independent women.

The west doesn’t cover the globe we just like to think we do but if in our arrogance we speak too much or too soon we jeopardize all those people outside the west who think they can live western lives in countries the west can’t influence. Sadly the people in non western countries can’t live western lives and for the most part the west can’t help them only time and the gradual acceptance of change can do that.

If the west can do anything at all it can shut up lest our assumptions put innocent people in jeopardy.





Keep Trying?

Someone wrote that as a comment on a blog of mine and I didn’t know whether to care or not I’m still not sure what its supposed to mean, maybe nothing but to me its indicative of what I’ve grown to see as a problem within the blogosphere. Not all bloggers obviously but some seem to have evolved into something unpleasant, not racist which we would all recognise immediately but classist in a way that defines who they think should be blogging and importantly who they think should have an opinion on anything and the apparently huge difference they think there is between opinion and what they call analysis.

I don’t care if a bloggers writing is good or bad presumably they are writing what they want in the way they want and that is what I think blogging is all about. But there is another less well known kind of blogger who does worry me, sometimes blogging can seem like one of those dreadful pyramid selling schemes where the two objectives are to make as much money as possible from the innocent and then do a runner before the innocent find out its a con and demand their money back.

I care about the very strong snobbish element in blogging not so much because its your basic lace curtain & nothing to eat snobbery which I would either ignore or laugh at but the kind that extends into the very unhealthy way in which those who see themselves as better than someone else also see themselves as allowed to do or say anything they want to and about the person they consider to be inferior.

Oh, yes I definitely care about anyone who thinks bloggers should be of a certain class or standard and I care that some bloggers seem to think both opinion and analysis should only be given by those they think of as qualified.

If you think about it that’s democracy down the toilet for a start.




Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse

It has been announced that Professor Alexis Jaye is to be the fourth head of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Alexis Jaye brings her very good reputation – as a social worker – working for local authorities and her excellent exposure of the rampant and in fact blatant child sexual abuse committed by gangs of Muslim men in Rotherham.

A social worker is to chair arguably the most important inquiry into child sexual abuse there has ever been in the whole of the UK, and who will Ms Jaye turn to for the legal advice she will undoubtedly require? Why none other than Mr Ben Emmerson Queens Council to the Independent Inquiry.

The difference between the Rotherham Inquiry and the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is the Rotherham Inquiry wasn’t covered up by anyone it was ignored by police, local authority and – by social workers. Gangs of Muslim men were allowed to groom and then abuse more than fourteen hundred young girls for many years. No one did anything because no one wanted to rock the leaky and sinking multiculturalism boat. The

Independent Inquiry however is into the sexual abuse of young boys and girls that has been very carefully and professionally covered up for decades by government, local authorities, the police and – social workers.

I don’t doubt Alexis Jaye ability for one second but I do have very strong doubts about her legalese I don’t doubt her honesty or her commitment but I have equally strong doubts about the ability of most social workers to do anything at all.

I have great respect for Alexis Jaye work on Rotherham and very serious doubts about her ability to chair the Independent Inquiry. I’m not being difficult about it I think she is going to need a lot of legal advice and I’m very far from certain she is going to get it from within the Independent Inquiry.

Having said all that I do wish the chairman of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse the very best of good fortune – she is going to need it

Lowell Goddard Goes

From the BBC

lowell goddar amber rudd

From Dame Lowell Goddard:

Dear Home Secretary,

I regret to advise that I am offering you my resignation as Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse, with immediate effect. I trust you will accept this decision.

Hon Dame Lowell Goddard QC

From Home Secretary Amber Rudd:

Dear Dame Lowell,

Thank you for your letter today, offering your resignation as Chair of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

I know that this will have been a difficult decision for you to make, and something you will have carefully considered. I was sorry to receive your letter, but I accept your decision.

We all recognise that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is the most ambitious public inquiry ever established in England and Wales. Under your leadership, the Inquiry has already instituted and made progress on each of its three core projects: the Research Project; the Truth Project; and the Public Hearings Project. I am grateful to you for bringing your experience to bear in devising how the Inquiry will operate, guided by its three fundamental principles: that it will be comprehensive, inclusive, and thorough.

I know how personally committed you have been to ensuring that the Inquiry is a success for those at its heart: the survivors and the victims. You have consistently demonstrated your desire to leave no stone unturned in order that the voices of those victims might be heard. It is a testament to your commitment that you have taken the difficult decision to stand down now, having set the Inquiry firmly on course, and allow someone else to lead it through to the end. With regret, I agree that this is the right decision.

I know you will want to be reassured that work continues without delay, and most importantly that victims and survivors know that the Government’s commitment to this Inquiry is undiminished. I want to be absolutely clear. The success of this Inquiry remains an absolute priority for this Government. I am determined to keep the process on track and am taking immediate steps to appoint a new Chair as soon as possible. I will, of course, consult with victims and survivors groups before making a public announcement about the appointment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to the Inquiry over the course of the last 16 months. Your hard work will have a lasting impact on the Inquiry and, ultimately, in getting to the truth about the institutional response to child sexual abuse in this country. Of that, you can take pride.

With my thanks and very best wishes for your future endeavours.

Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP

Dame Lowell Goddard later released a full statement:

I announce with regret my decision to resign as chair of the independent inquiry into child sexual abuse, effective from today.

When I was first approached through the British High Commissioner in Wellington in late 2014, and asked to consider taking up the role, I had to think long and hard about it.

After carefully discussing the matter with the home secretary and her officials and seeking the counsel of those people in New Zealand whose opinions mattered to me, I decided that I should undertake the role, given my relevant experience and track record in the area.

It was, however, an incredibly difficult step to take, as it meant relinquishing my career in New Zealand and leaving behind my beloved family.

The conduct of any public inquiry is not an easy task, let alone one of the magnitude of this. Compounding the many difficulties was its legacy of failure which has been very hard to shake off and with hindsight it would have been better to have started completely afresh.

While it has been a struggle in many respects, I am confident there have been achievements and some very real gains for victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse in getting their voices heard.

I have nothing but the greatest of respect for the victims and survivors and have particularly enjoyed working with the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel which I established.”


The above is from the BBC and can’t be said to get close to whatever the real reasons are for Lowell Goddard’s sudden if not entirely unexpected resignation.

Not quite from the start but fairly soon after Lowell Goddard’s appointment as chair of the Independent Inquiry into  Child Sexual Abuse was announced and as more information about her became available online I decided she was a ‘safe pair of hands’ for the government, but maybe I was wrong about that because one of the rumours floating about is that Lowell Goddard resented interference from the Home Office.

The tone of Lowell Goddard resignation letter does not suggest she was on good terms with Amber Rudd, terse a mere two lines with no room for discussion or expression of regret.

Amber Rudd reply is typical of govt except for one short sentence “With regret, I agree that this is the right decision”

Two letters from two people who if they agree about nothing else agree that it was time for Lowell Goddard to go.

So where does that leave the Inquiry? The important thing is who should replace Lowell Goddard and she must be replaced, any suggestion the inquiry should close is ridiculous, would cause great anger and despair among the many victims of child sexual abuse who are hoping the inquiry will help to bring justice and change.

Michael Mansfield QC is one of the best and most respected people in the UK and he has said he is willing to chair the Inquiry. What could be better, who could be better? The answer is no one.

Mr Mansfield commands respect from both the UK establishment and the many victims of child sexual abuse who have been ignored by the judicial system. He is not someone who would obey Home Office diktat if he felt it was contrary to the good of the inquiry nor would he be biased toward victims. I believe he will reach for and find the truth and that surely is what we all want.


And bloggers.


Or since the link to Inc.5000 link seems to be broken try this one

Gawker Media recently lost an important court case, important to them because they lost and it bankrupted them. Important to blogging because blogging is where Mr Denton began what became Gawker.

Show business celebrity Hulk Hogan sued Gawker when they published a film of him that had been taken illegally.

win for hulk hogan $Million

You would think even the average half wit would know better than to be in any way involved with such criminally invasive behaviour. You would be wrong.

I happen to know some bloggers, note how blogger is becoming a dirty word, have been involved with at least one other case of illegal filming sharing film at a minimum to an initial audience of their own ‘community’ and from there? Who knows. One problem is if they did such a terrible thing once the odds are they did it several times.

Bloggers do love their ‘community’ to such an extent they seem to believe anyone should be honoured to join them and that joining them cancels out any teensy little criminal activity like hacking and illegal filming they may have been involved in.

It doesn’t. If you think about it the very idea is extraordinary: there are apparently some people who believe they can invade a persons privacy, make a film illegally, share it with what in reality are their accomplices and then by offering an invitation extended grudgingly, and of course to avoid incriminating themselves further anonymously, cancel out any and all crimes they may have committed against their victim, and from there its easy to see where Mr Denton’s ideas may have originated. How unfortunate for Mr Denton that as a result of such extraordinary arrogance both he and Gawker have had to file for bankruptcy.

A moments rational thought would tell anyone that the victim/s of such depravity would be very unlikely to want to join in, they might be the kind of rational, sensitive person who would reject the very idea of illegally filming anyone.

I’m not happy that Mr Denton is bankrupt I’d prefer it if he was sent to prison. He has an English accent but his business, if it can be called that, appears to have filed for bankruptcy in America which is where he gets lucky because the UK is quite strict about bankruptcy and Ireland which for example is where I’m based is even worse. In America Mr Denton will probably be able to start a new business or career quite easily and quickly, there’s probably loads of vacancies for washing up, road sweeping, grave digging, the list is endless and criminal bloggers can apply for all of them.

I don’t know about Hulk Hogan one hundred million dollars compensation may make him feel quite forgiving. I do know that in my own case money has little to do with it. Safety, security, equality and acknowledgement of wrong doing are what matters.

To be clear no one involved in the filming or viewing of any illegally obtained film of me is or will ever be a friend of mine. I’m easy going and very forgiving as I have previously shown but illegal filming is a premeditated criminal act. No friend of mine would do that.

Mr and Mrs Khan

Spoke at the recent Democratic National Convention they told us of their son who was a Captain in the American Army and who died in Iraq. No doubt at all that young Mr Khan he was twenty seven was a brave soldier working and prepared to die for his country.

Does that mean his parents are? Like all bereaved parents Mr and Mrs Khan grieve for their son and like the vast majority of us they search for someone to blame. Mrs and Mrs Khan appear to have selected Donald Trump to take the brunt of their anger, but why is that? Donald Trump didn’t cause the Iraq war he didn’t even agree with it. If Donald Trump had his way it would never have happened. So why him?

The reason appears to be that Mr Trump would stop the open borders policy which with its inevitable consequence of unlimited access to every thug and murderer who goes to the American border has caused serious injury and death to many Americans, who Mr and Mrs Khan should note have  families who also grieve for the loss of children, parents and siblings.

Mr and Mrs Khan’s greatest anger is not reserved for the killers of their son or the people who caused and maintained the war in Iraq instead and most peculiarly its centred on the man who would close all dangerous borders and make sure all visitors and immigrants to America would have legal passports, no criminal record and no connection to terrorist organisations. How can that be wrong and how can Mr and Mrs Khan object?

The reason is Mr and Mrs Khan object to Muslims being denied entrance to America while a new system of identity checks is introduced. Mr and Mrs Khan think its racist to prevent Muslims entering America even though Muslims are every nationality and almost every terrorist attack is carried out by Muslims and even though there have been terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims in America and even though the families of their victims grieve every bit as much as Mr and Mrs Khan.

I feel for Mr and Mrs Khan just as much as I feel for every victim of terrorist attacks. I am sure Mr and Mrs Khan’s son was an American patriot but does that mean I think his parents are? Because I don’t I think in spite of Mr Khan’s declaration Mr and Mrs Khan are Muslim first because if they were American first they would recognise the need for border controls that work.

And that’s all Donald Trump wants: real border controls that actually control who enters America. Mr and Mrs Khan need to think about that.

Roger Ailes

Depending what you read Roger Ailes has resigned or been sacked by Fox. Grechen Carlson worked at Fox News for about eleven years as a presenter when her contract expired it was not renewed and she left.

End of story some might think but if they did they’d be wrong Gretchen Carlson decided to sue Roger Ailes the boss and one of the founders of Fox for sexual harassment. Eleven years is a long time to wait to sue someone for sexual harassment at work and so is ten years which is what someone else is saying. The timing is what I think of as very odd.

Honestly I’m not interested in the case itself. As far as I’m concerned ye olde casting couch routine is as old as cinema and possibly as old as theatre.

What has sparked my interest is the reaction of various people.

It seems to me there is a little bit of gloating, a dash of smirking and quite a lot of potential career maneuvering going on. I’ve seen it several times and across various channels there is no doubt in my mind that some people are looking to a future at Fox minus Roger Ailes.

Mr Ailes must be a rich man and presumably if he chooses he can start afresh perhaps taking some old friends from Fox with him. If he does he might decide to give one or two new people a start and see how they get on.

Added to that intriguing idea is another: isn’t it likely Fox News might want to introduce some new faces or, and this is important for would be employees, bring back some old cast offs. Rupert Murdoch has taken charge of Fox and much as I dislike the British media he rules I do give him some, quite a lot of, grudging, respect for his loyalty. It seems to me that however ruthless Rupert Murdoch maybe he is also unstintingly loyal to those he likes and loyalty is a rare gift.

So, maybe two potential separate sets of job opportunities may arise, and listening to what current and ex Fox people have had to say tells me that I’m far from being the first to think of the potential. Most of the people with any connection to Fox have been visibly cautious, refusing to condemn Fox News or support Roger Ailes.

A few have been outspoken in their criticism of Fox and their praise for Roger Ailes but as far as I have seen and without exception all Roger Ailes support has been from people separate from Fox and the Murdoch empire.

I’m not taking sides, yes I am! My sympathy leans not wholly but quite a bit toward Roger Ailes. If it takes intelligent women ten or eleven years to talk about sexual harassment at work in my opinion its taken too long.

So what next if the Murdoch’s turn Fox News into another CNN I will lose all interest in it.

Too soon to know what Roger Ailes will do but its very likely if he starts another news channel a lot of conservatives will go to him and I will at least check it out.

We live in interesting media times


Some say no words are needed. I think they’re wrong. In my opinion there are not enough words. The mind is numb with so many words all of them clambering to get out first. To be the first to scream rage and retribution to say “You’ve pulled the tail of this tiger for the last time”

The European race in its pale beige off white colour is unique. It is beyond question the most successful tribe in the history of the planet. The greatest explorers, scientists, artists, teachers and yes warriors have been Europeans, and why not Europe is big continent and for some time now Europe has been in great pain

Too many spoiled Europeans have misunderstood the entire meaning of race and culture and too many of those Europeans have been politicians, philosophers and other so called academics.

Race and culture is everything. Without them we are nothing more than agile monkeys, without them even the lowly toilet would never have been invented and its worth remembering that invented the toilet maybe but it most definitely is not used by some races and some cultures. I think the French invented the bidet and it reminds me some races and cultures still think its hygienic to use their hands, there is a gulf and even though its mostly in the mind it is still a gulf and so far its unbridgeable.

EIGHTY FOUR PEOPLE ARE DEAD many more are injured and there are not enough words to express the rage and pain, and there is a danger many Europeans have gone beyond pain and red hot rage, and are now in a state of white frozen anger of the kind that lasts years, burns through skin and bone and leaves the kind of destruction that says who needs anyone else. Something has got to be done I hope it includes forgiveness

May the Gods be with the people of Europe with their music and their cow bells, their many great inventions, their insistence on equality, and their wonderful and very European trust that beneath colour and faith we are all the same.



I’ve always liked and admired the Supreme Court of the United States. It stood apart and aloft, to the extent that a couple of hundred years later England has introduced its own admittedly inferior version.

And now The Supreme Court of the United States is devalued, not by some foreign plot or spying scheme, by one of its own.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Are you out of your fucking mind? What you’ve done cannot possibly be beyond your comprehension, or can it are you so far up your own backside you can no longer distinguish right from wrong, and if you are should you still be a member, an actual Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States?

I tell myself its not her fault she must be missing Antonin Scalia for if ever anyone looked as though he had a twinkle in his eye and an itch in his pants it was he, and if he had its a very good thing because the most important thing a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States needs is to be human enough to be fallible and the next is to be intelligent.

We know you’re human but the most unbiased observer would now have to question your intelligence.

A few words is all it took to devalue the institution you’re a part of and the position you hold for life.

Since it began the Supreme Court of the United States has stood aloft from political squabbles and intrigue, true judges are usually political appointments but once appointed the Justice is there for life and until now all of them have taken and held that responsibility with the dignity that makes the Supreme court Supreme.

You were a Clinton appointment and that is no recommendation but you have held the position for years with grace, humour and dignity which is surely a first for any Clinton appointee, until now. Now you’ve joined the pack and abused and  devalued the honoured position you hold.

You may not like Donald Trump. You may not think him good enough to be president of the United States which is odd considering Bill Clinton has unanswered allegations of being a serial rapist against him and you have no problem with him or his corrupt, incompetent wife, Hillary.

By your statements you have politicized the Supreme Court of the United States and brought it into disrepute. If you had any dignity, pride or justice left in you you would retire in ignominy immediately. You have shamed the proud office you hold.

Admin Officer

Some UK journalists and bloggers, aka hacks, have spent the last couple of weeks tearing Andrea Leadsom CV apart. The last one I heard about was the crime of possibly not being a senior whatever for a bank, instead she was accused of being a part time admin officer. How dreadful. I’ve no great opinion of journalists I’m far from convinced that any of them have ever had a real job and this is one of the reasons why.

I have had considerable office experience, none of it thank Gods was ever working for a bank but some of it was gained working in the civil service and local government. So let me explain for the pig ignorant the job titles in one branch of the civil service. I won’t name the service its not necessary and like much of Andrea Leadsom CV it was a long time ago and times, titles and jobs themselves change.

In this branch of the civil service clerical workers could be

Clerk One

Clerk Two

Executive Officer

Senior Executive Office

ADMIN Officer

Deputy Senior Admin Officer

Senior Admin Officer

Admin Officer doesn’t sound much but as can be seen above and I assure you its true you had to climb four rungs of the career ladder to reach the lofty height of Admin Officer, most probably all, I’m going back a long way, of the Admin Officers I knew were degree people.

I don’t know from banks but I’ve heard their hierarchy is also pretty structured.

I seriously doubt any branch of journalism is we read editor this, deputy editor that, senior editor whatever, and it means nothing more than rifling through some poor devils rubbish bins, or even worse, following someone with known mental health problems until he’s caught and filmed being unwell.

Or there is the grand title of freelance journalist which appears to me to be a euphemism for unemployed.

I know Admin.

What if & What then?

Not all rapists rape women all the time, some are in relationships and abuse their partner, others are in happy relationships to all intents and purposes completely harmless. Not all rapists are serial rapists some are one offs when what seems for whatever reason an irresistible opportunity presents itself.

The important thing for us all to understand is rapists to all intents and purposes are anyone, everyone of us including homeless and millionaires could be a rapist including women, there are no rules for a rapist and no no go areas all the rapist needs is time and opportunity, and sometimes rapists get lucky.

What if a teenage girl from a protective family meets a good looking man not so very much older than her. What if he’s married and what if there are regular opportunities to chat and a young girl falls for the talk?

What then if the rapist doesn’t have to rape he merely has to lie and he does and he’s very good at it. What if a relationship develops and lasts for weeks, months or maybe until he gets bored. What if he loses interest and a young, hurt, bewildered girl is dumped for no apparent reason and with no explanation. What if she starts seeing friends again and what if she learns she was not a grand passion she was easy, and added to that enormous blow what if she learns some of her friends are accusing her ex of being a rapist, what then?

There are an awful lot of what ifs and here’s two more: what if the girl is ambitious, wants to make a career in something she and her family have known all her life and which her ex is involved in and what if it doesn’t work out?

Reasons are neither here nor there and logical explanations are so far down the list they don’t exist. A young girl doesn’t forget and as we all know for the victim forgiveness is not a consideration.

What if and what then?

These are the questions that cross my mind they don’t make her less of a victim but if they’re true they may make her a different kind of victim. I never see or hear about her but I think what if and what then, and so far I’ve not seen any reason why they couldn’t be true.

I feel sorry because she really is a victim but maybe, just maybe not of rape.

Light fiction?


First and most important Respect to Dallas Police Five of them are dead and Seven are wounded and why? Because policemen both black and white didn’t run away when snipers started firing they ran into danger toward the gunfire. Politicians and scum like George Soros have been pounding the racist drum for years and last evening in Dallas their unrelenting efforts finally paid real dividends.

If Black Lives Matter want to make themselves useful they can demand action for unemployed and unskilled young black men, they can demand a system that makes it financially preferable for a young black couple to raise their children together in areas where its safe NOT to be a member of a gang, they can demand good teachers in their schools not the useless leftie preachers they get stuck with every time. Good teachers are not your friend they don’t care if your parents are separated, they care about children and making sure the children in their care respect them, their school, their own parents and their education. Start there Black Lives Matter and you will be starting to help black people.

I hear Google has chosen today of all days to announce its supporting Black Lives Matter aint that nice? So how are they going to do this is Google with its billions going to start making cars in Detroit are they going to create skilled jobs in Chicago? Are they going to set up offices in every run down high unemployment black area? How many black people do Google employ? How many black people does billionaire George Soros employ? And not just to wait tables, make the coffee and sweep the floor. How many skilled jobs do Google, George Soros or the entire Democrat party create for black people?

How many decent houses have they built or even renovated because there are a lot of boarded up empty houses in majority black areas. At best the Democrat party will offer some black people the opportunity to go to college and get the kind of degree that leaves them thousands of dollars in debt and unemployed. Black people need full apprenticeships and real college degrees not Micky Mouse political fiction courses that will leave them worse off than before they started the course.

I’ve been called racist because I believe the people in a country  regardless of colour are more important than the people in other countries. I believe the Muslim religion is dangerous and if its not taught properly in schools so that for example black people grow up knowing Islam is NOT their friend there will be real danger of a kind so far unseen in western countries.

Its not the fault of any black person except Barack Obama who mentions racism in every speech he makes but who has not created one worthwhile job for black people, and it is most emphatically the fault of every white person who stands well and far away from black people giving nothing positive but instead urging them on to ever greater anger and resentment.

Don’t ask Hillary Clinton what she will do for black people she’s not about to  change the habit of a lifetime and start helping black people now. She will use Dallas as a whip to beat black people into further rage and violence. She will shed her crocodile tears but she won’t create one decent job, not one decent school and not one decent housing area. None of them will.

I don’t know which politician is better but I do know more of the same will make lives worse.


All Gone

The west is not the power house of countries loosely aligned through common deeply held beliefs that it used to be.

In Benghazi Hillary Clinton gets away with murder in America she gets away with corruption and espionage and still she is a candidate to be the next president of America. Incredible

In the UK 17.5 million people voted to leave the European Union and its actually suggested those votes should be ignored as those who voted are called racist. Incredible

Throughout the European Union the indigenous people are being ignored while millions of illegal immigrants almost all male are encouraged by various EU governments to go there and do what? Most of them are unskilled basic labourers and that’s no insult to them its where they’re from, but it means the lowest skilled and poorest people in the EU bear the brunt of job competition, poor health services, failing schools and shortage of housing and and shortage of housing means higher rents. Its all so chaotic or is because no building, education or health department can increase services as quickly as new comers are being encouraged to arrive.

In America there are actual racist movements like CAIR, BlackLivesMatter and Muslim Brotherhood all demanding what they insist are their rights and all screeching that white people are the privileged enemy but its not racist if the one being racist is black or any colour but white. Incredible, where do they think they are the land of the Constitution or some Walt Disney showground?

The whole thing is a western created mess and maybe its too late to clean it up. Small, smug western outposts can enjoy the knowledge that no one wants to go there but it won’t last in the end the influx will spread and include the smallest most out of the way western countries.

What is clear is Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted with anything and nor can the vast majority of western politicians and Christian churches, every one of them insist there’s plenty of room whilst simultaneously ignoring their own homeless and deprived.

What did the west’s people do to deserve it did we all change from expecting to work to achieve to demanding we be given what we couldn’t or wouldn’t work for? I don’t know but I don’t think so I do know that if it stays on its current path all the western countries major achievements will disappear as all western governments strive to deliver the lowest possible common denominator to all of the people.

Change that includes unlimited immigration must also include a much fairer tax system and there is absolutely no sign of any western government changing the tax system in any purposeful way.

It really is no good blaming the west for famine and drought or demanding the west ‘make it better’ it can’t be done. All that will be done is a lowering of standards everywhere.

If people are to be saved then one day soon western governments are going to have to stop fiddling while countries burn and deal with the real cause of the problems and that is the greed of banks and multinational companies and the appalling and growing overpopulation of this wonderful and seriously abused planet



Love is the Best Way

To defeat terrorism. This little gem is said to have spewed forth from Barack Hussein Obama. Isn’t it nice? You would never believe fifty people were murdered just last week in Orlando Florida and hundreds more murdered in several different countries around the world in just 2016. Islam covers and covets the globe, and so an observer might wonder how on earth is it possible for anyone particularly the president of the United States to be so wrong.

Love won’t defeat any terrorist but education will. Real education teaching the truth about Islam, its real foundations, the real actions of the prophet, the real reason  and who caused The Crusades.

If the truth is not taught and taught early enough to make a growing difference then the Mosques however well meaning most of them are will continue to teach Islam the way Islam demands to be taught and that is a completely biased heavily prejudiced history.

Far from dropping Christianity or any major religion schools should teach the truth about all religions enabling children to learn as they grow and to choose because hardly any religious family and that is of any religion gives a child a choice and if a child’s only experience and education is from within their own church, mosque synagogue or whatever they will not learn the whole truth, basically they will be learning the PR version and that is what’s got to be countered by the facts.

In addition all children should be taught the difference between church and state they must be taught that if they find they can’t believe or obey all aspects of any religion the law is there to protect them and allow them to change faith to any other or none.

It is an absolute disgrace that all over the west children are being taught blatant lies about religion. Its got to change.

Omar Mateen

Is the man who murdered fifty people and wounded as many more in Orlando, Florida. At first it seemed he was obviously a radical Islamic terrorist its what he told the emergency services when he phoned them during his attack on customers at Pulse nightclub. He claimed allegiance to ISIS said the usual Islamic things and it did seem straight forward, but was it?

Because, Mateen is said to have been an almost regular customer at the club and that is unusual even to get to know the layout of the place. He is also said to have visited various gay websites and chat rooms, and now some are saying he was homosexual and that makes me wonder if there might have been a deeper meaning behind his apparently jihadist actions.

If Mateen was gay he could never admit it. He was raised in a Muslim household, his attendance at a Mosque during his childhood would have formed much of his character, as would the education systems apparently approving method of teaching about Islam as a religion of peace.

If Mateen was gay he grew up in a world where homosexuality is a crime punishable by death and where leaving Islam is also punishable by death and at no time would he have been taught that either was criminally wrong because America and all western countries refuse to denounce Islam and refuse to teach its full history.

I find that more than incredibly sad I find it a dereliction of the duty all western countries have to teach and teach properly. Its particularly important in relation to Mateen but its even more important when you think of the number of young people currently being taught that Islam is a religion of peace and is never wrong even when its so obviously wrong its almost blinding.

The worry is that there are almost certainly more Mateen’s young people not being told the truth lest it offend a religion. Islam is not a turn up once a year religion and then forget it until the next year. Its a rigid set of rules and laws that must be obeyed and that means no leaving Islam and no being homosexual, just think about the strain that puts on young bewildered, captive lives.

Sky News Paper Review

Someone behaved like a petulant sulking child.

I’m sorry Owen Jones but I don’t believe the sexual orientation of anyone makes any difference at all when they are victims of a mass murder terrorist attack.

When was the last time the straight ‘community’ demanded similar recognition, was it 9/11, 7/7,  Boston, San Bernardino, Paris, Syria or Palestine? The two countries are among the fortunately relatively small group of countries where mass murder happens on a daily basis and no one stops to wonder about the sexual orientation of the victims.

Gay people are among those murdered in all the above tragedies just as there will have been straight people among the murdered in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando Florida.

Pulse nightclub and its customers suffered a horrible, deadly ordeal  but I tell you this if the first thing you thought of was the sexual orientation of the victims and the customers you need to stop and think again.



I want to convey my sincere condolences to the families of the fifty people who were murdered and my best wishes for a speedy recovery to the fifty three people who were injured.

I know that sounds presumptuous as if they or their families would know or be interested in my thoughts but I think it important to think of the victims of Orlando first they are important.

A night club or any bar is meant to be a place where people can be themselves, relax, have fun, dress up or down according to the ambiance encouraged by the managers. Pulse night club in Orlando Florida was and is such a place catering primarily to the LGBTQ community it almost certainly had straight customers too, most clubs and bars are quietly and happily mixed. I’ve not heard Pulse was any different.

But there is hatred outside, there are other spheres of influence and there is always hatred. We do our best to guard against it and often we dismiss it but hatred is always there, some fundamentalist Christians are anti LGBTQ people some of them even take their message of hate to the funerals of strangers but as far as I know none have ever committed mass murder on the scale of Orlando but I may be wrong on that.

The murder in Orlando was an act of such hatred its hard to comprehend and to be honest understanding is made more difficult because of an answering hatred of the murderer who whatever else he was was also a young man with parents and family.

I don’t want to talk about Islam I am firmly, permanently anti Islam nothing could change that, but this post is about the victims of hate and to be fair to Muslims they are not the only ones who hate and who can be violent.

May this awful, senseless horror be horrifying enough to stop all others but I doubt it.



The big, major debate about the referendum to remain or leave the European Union rouses strong emotions and I think deep confusion.

Not for me I have never been in any doubt ever since I was against joining the then Common Market. To me it was an expensive trap and I don’t think its changed except to tighten the ball and chain on member states.

But there you see I did it! I wrote as I always do what I think and emotion ruled I called the EU a ball and chain. I can no more change that instinctive revulsion than I could fly to the moon in the morning. I can’t I wont and I don’t want to change.

I’m not alone in feeling so strongly the EU is the one thing capable of tearing the Conservative party to bloody, agonising shreds and the Labour party is not much different.

Both for and against are perfectly capable and more than willing to tell the most ridiculous outrageous lies and stick to them through blood, tears and nuclear fallout and we mean it. The EU won’t break the UK what it does do is show the real emotion seething beneath the cold, apathetic surface.

As far as I’m concerned this is one vote I’m too apprehensive about to enjoy. If the Leave camp lose the UK becomes just another corrupt region of the EU superstate, just off France in my mind that’s very much like Sicily just off Italy and if it happens there will be nothing to stop the slow deterioration of UK parliamentary honesty and democracy that we’ve all been watching for decades.

The worst thing about being part of a much larger whole is the lack of personal responsibility it doesn’t matter if the prime minister is a pig fucking, tax avoiding, lying spiv he’s not really in charge and he knows it. Its not his real responsibility. He can wear his suit and tie and sing God Save the Queen but its not even the real national anthem and that is the truth and one of the reasons for leaving the EU.

I don’t even like the bloody UK national anthem I would given the chance vote for Jerusalem. Fat chance of that if we remain we will all have Ode to Joy rammed  down our gagging, reluctant throats.


What is Grief?

I honestly don’t know. If forced to answer I would have to say its as deep, varied and in every case as different as love and hate.

Its not the immediate deep wrenching loss of death, oh no, its longer, harder leaping at you in unexpected ways and at unexpected times. It may seem as though you no sooner think you’re ‘over it’ than something long dormant springs to mind and therefore life and you’re left stunned with immediate loss and pain as if the disaster, tragedy, break up, death had just that moment happened.

Disobedient eyes well up with the tears you thought you’d shed enough but suddenly and without warning you find you hadn’t.

Last Thursday Ollie died and what the hell he’s a dog and a dogs a dog, right? No People who think like that couldn’t be more wrong and maybe are unfit to ever have animals in their lives.


Mostly I’m already accustomed to his passing. He is gone I walk to his grave a dozen times a day I talk to him and Herself and I’m over it. I am.

Until I look at the food. I know, have always known I cook too much for any one meal it probably stems from being part of a largish family and maybe there’s a hint of my own greed involved but it never mattered Ollie took care of the excess food situation and if truth be told I probably, almost certainly, cooked some extra just for him. I never cooked one slice of bacon, I rarely eat as much as a whole slice but Ollie would be at my feet doing his half starved act

Since Thursday I’ve had so much excess food I don’t know what to do with it. I am unaccustomed to leftovers. Jezzie is helping out she’s not a great eater and she is a fussy one so her sudden interest in leftovers is unusual, I suspect its her way of helping me when I stand looking at the waste and howling for the loss of a greedy boy.

Such a silly thing to grieve over, stupid to be reminded of Ollie every time I see a half eaten cat or dogs meal. I actually stand looking at them and wondering what the hell to do with them as if it matters and as if I don’t know.

Grief is funny its gone and then the silliest most unimportant thing brings it rushing back. I automatically make room for Ollie at my feet, glance down and stop, and there’s four half eaten cat and dog meals in the kitchen and a whole pot of whatever it was I cooked and know I won’t finish.

Some say grief fades, diminishes with time, I don’t think that’s right I think grief hides in hidden memories and half forgotten laughter, and leaps out at us when we least expect it

What Happened to Him?

Part One

How did such talent and almost success crumble to dust, who knows, who sees disaster on the horizon? Well he does he could write chapter and verse. The slow descent, it never happens quickly. The forgotten meetings, missed opportunities all of which he insisted he only missed because he knew they were rubbish beneath his reputation and stature. He had he always said been a fool to consider any of them.

Sometimes he woke on the floor, sometimes he woke in bed it made no difference to him he could never remember how he got into bed or onto the floor. All he could tell anyone for sure was that both were empty and he would be loath to do that, what face another truth? Not a chance.

Slowly everything but the booze dried up until even booze had a price he couldn’t afford. He took work where he found it and tried to develop an old love into a new career. It didn’t work. It was respected but it wasn’t interesting to a wider audience.

Freelance is just another word for unemployed it doesn’t pay the mortgage. He lost jobs, then family. He struggled until eventually out of the new communications world he found new work it was anonymous and relatively menial but it paid well, its big advantage? He could do it blind drunk no one would know. It became a routine a long boring routine. He helped friends, he gained a different stature but he was bored

Until one day a new name appeared

Is this a beginning? Nah. Is it a flight of imagination? Who knows