Its Over?

Most odd. Its as if some blogs and some social media have had the same idea at the same time. Each time I see another post, poem or ragamuffin tweet on the subject I ask myself ‘what is over WTF did I miss’?

Sure its all supposed to relate to any individual writers individual circumstance but its still very odd, there are those for eg of whom I would love to be able to say ‘its over’ but its not is it its raging away so hot its molten like the centre of the earth, and like the centre of the earth there may be the occasional cool patch but there is no warmth and there is no let up.

For me it will ‘be over’ fairly soon that at least is a decision I have made and informed those who need to know. Its almost beyond me now and that is a very good thing.

For the rest? What can I say I’m certain Nemesis will be there for them as she is for all deserving cases…

Justice for the 96 at Last?

I doubt many will be surprised to find that documents released under the thirty year rule show the police decreed the disaster was caused by drunken Liverpool fans.

By coincidence I was watching the match live on tv that day. It was not caused by drunken fans of any description.

What I saw was a mad crush at the Liverpool end, the fans were so stifled they were trying to climb the fences to escape. As fast as the fans climbed to the top of the fence the police pushed them back.

Eventually it became clear even to the police  that there was a problem. I watched as fans from the opposing end ran the length of the pitch to help Liverpool supporters. I watched as those fans pulled the fencing down with their bare hands and I watched as most of the police stood around doing nothing watching those fans from the opposing side do their best to rescue the Liverpool supporters. It maybe a few of the fans from the opposing end were slow to recognise what was happening if they were they were no slower than the police.

I watched it live and to this day if anyone asked me I would say the police were responsible, they went from herding people into an enclosure far too small for the numbers to forcing those trying to escape back inside the fence, to standing around like headless chickens when people were dying in front of them and others from the opposing end used the broken fences as stretchers.

It looked to me as though the police had no idea what to do and were not receiving instructions from their leaders. If the police are saying it was drunken Liverpool supporters I have to say that’s a classic “Well they would say that wouldn’t they”.

I’ve not seen that film in its entirety since that day.


Update 26/04/2016

On 15th April 1989 ninety six Liverpool football club supporters were crushed to death at Hillsborough football stadium in Sheffield.

Today twenty seven years late the Hillsborough 96 as they became known may at last receive  the beginning of justice. A coroners jury has found that all ninety six were unlawfully killed.

Too long a wait and its not over yet.

Tears here.

Junior Doctors

For the first time in the history of the UK National Health Service the doctors known as junior doctors are going on strike. Its an act of desperation and a disgrace that the Conservative (Tory) government have caused it, among other complaints the new contract doctors have been offered is said to discriminate between male and female doctors and that in itself is outrageous.

The government have continually boasted that the new deal will mean the NHS will be a 24/7 service, that means open all day every day. only problem with that little piece of government spin is the NHS has been 24/7 since it was founded less than a hundred years ago.

We are all used to the Tory governments lies and incompetence but the assault on the NHS is a new low. We all know the main aim of the government is to privatize the NHS they have already flogged the blood bank and various other services. To be honest if the blood bank is there to make a profit I don’t see why blood donors should give blood for free they should charge for it as they do in some other countries.

The NHS won’t fall apart because the doctors strike for a day or so every hospital has consultants and they are stepping into the breach as indeed are some General Practitioners, there will be no disasters but if there were it would not be the fault of the Junior Doctors, a very misleading title they are all highly trained, highly skilled and fully qualified, and should be treated with respect by Jeremy Hunt the less qualified, less able and less honest Secretary of State for Health who I believe has actually co-authored a book urging the privatization of the Health Service.

The fault if anything should go wrong belongs squarely with the most corrupt, divisive Tory government the UK has had to endure in decades if not in its entire history.


Long Ago and Far Away


If it rained and your shoes were new you were one of the lucky ones. If it rained and your shoes, as so many were, were old hand me downs or cast offs your feet got wet. Not so bad in the summer when the squelching cold was easily dried and warmed, but oh it hurt in the winter when you sat in class with the fire warming the teacher who stood, toasting his rear and blocking the heat while you froze a mere few feet away.

You walked or ran home and didn’t notice the beauty through the rain. At home it might be happy or it might not and for a few it definitely was not, but either way it was drier and warmer than outside and sometimes if need be there was the barn to shelter in. For a few going home was fraught with danger but not going home was worse, sure you could be thrown to the church who knew how to deal with recalcitrant youth.

The Kitchen was the main room, there the fire burned with the turf that on summer days you had helped to cut. No radio or tv back then, families talked and laughed or cried together in the steaming, smoky kitchen with the windows and door shut tight against the draught.

On happy nights, how a child remembers! stories were told of other times and strange events, of chains rattling on empty stairs, young eyes would gaze fearfully at the stairs and wait for someone else to go first.

When it was time for bed you got changed quickly in the freezing bedroom and if the blanket on the bed was not enough your Mum took your dried out coat and threw it across the bed for extra warmth. Sure it would come to no harm there and in the morning you would put it on to go to school.

For some people and especially for some children this was Ireland not so long ago.

An old one because I feel like it…Blessings if you pass this way may the Gods be good to you.

What More Might you Get With a Takeaway?

What More Might you Get With a Takeaway?

A takeaway chef wiped his bottom using his hands before preparing food because he does not use toilet paper for ‘cultural reasons’, a court heard.

Mahbub Chowdhury, 46, from Swindon, was found to have a filthy bottle in the kitchen of Yeahya Flavour of Asia, which inspectors concluded was covered in faecal matter.

When questioned, he said he filled the empty milk bottle with water from the kitchen taps before using it to clean his backside after going to the toilet

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The people to blame for this are not of any particular religion or culture, the ones to blame are the politically correct fascists who insist multiculturalism works and demand everyone be encouraged to live in accordance with whatever culture they come from.

Its important to remember that when we were searching for a big leaf in the undergrowth or just not bothering people of other cultures were at least making an effort and back then no one had ever heard of germs or bacteria.

In the UK  people used to have a container of urine outside the door they thought it was healthy…

The problem is new comers often don’t know the minutia of western ways and if instead of teaching we say ‘don’t worry about it do what you always do’ then that’s exactly what we get.

Shudder all you want if people are not taught they may learn some but they won’t learn all and they won’t know the reasons and the importance of cleanliness. This poor man has probably been encouraged to believe our ways are not just silly and racist they are dirty and who bothered to tell him he was wrong?

I really must add that I don’t for one minute believe most new comers behave like this. I’ve a feeling the young will be as embarrassed as young people always are by their elders and the  vast majority of older people catch on fairly quickly but not all and if they’re not told and the only people they see are their own generation in their own community who does tell them even the pc fascist multiculturalism has limits.

Just in case anyone thinks I’m particularly soft/hard on this matter may I recommend an alternative: put the jug in the bathroom do whatever and then wash your fucking hands to the armpits.

Gender Neutral?


At a rough estimate I’d say at least 90% of women prefer womens toilets to stay women only. So when did the minuscule minority become more important?

Its actually a really big and dangerous subject it encompasses the way we’re being told not to encourage our children to see themselves as male or female, to encourage them to believe their sex is their choice its actually not its a fact of birth and any every change is purely cosmetic, and I think involves potential grave physical, emotional and psychological damage to children. It also has the potential to put women and children in an isolated situation with potential sexual offenders

A very few children do have identity problems those children should be raised with the certain knowledge they can change and be accepted just as they are, but they, like all of us, must wait until they are old enough to be sure and to make their own decision. It is without doubt the biggest decision of any persons life and it must be their own carefully considered choice made when they are old enough to know what it really means.

In my time I’ve seen men with hairy chests at the theatre wearing womens evening dress, men in womens evening dress and hob nailed boots. Its their choice and it should remain so but should those men be able to use the womens toilet just because they put a dress on, what happened to womens choice?

Its not simple its very complicated and until no more women are raped or molested all women should have the option of women only toilets.

58 – This is Child Abuse

If this story is correct it is imo obscene. The pictures, said to be of children as young as primary school age, were taken in a south Armagh community centre which has received hundreds of thousands of pounds in EU funds.

The children were photographed at the Ti Chulainn cultural centre in Mullaghbawn. They were wearing balaclavas, combat jackets and trousers, dark glasses and berets, and brandishing replica weapons including AK47s and Armalites.

For the benefit of the apparently pig ignorant this, if true, is nothing less than brain washing and reminds me of those appalling Madrasas in some countries. This, er Cultural? Centre should lose all funding and if possible be shut down.

The other worrying thing about the picture/s is: what would the reaction have been if any of the parents had had the temerity to refuse to allow their child to be abused in such a fashion, would they have been isolated in their own community, would they have been risking ending up like Paul Quinn and so many others?

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Added 16/3/2016 

# met great people in Mullaghbawn supporting hospice fundraiser courtesy of

Updated 1/4/2016

I’ve been taken on a trip down memory lane! Years ago someone posted a picture to the Mullghbawn site The picture was of the then cover of my first blog giving the name of the blog, obviously as soon as I saw it I asked Google to remove it, which was quite a task on my old laptop I can tell you. As far as I know Google did remove it it certainly ‘disappeared’

Imagine my surprise when the village name reappeared on my Twitter time line. Its something and nothing but it upset me and at long last I’ve had enough. So long ago but the memories of shocking events don’t fade particularly when they are the forerunner of so many more.

I look back over the years and do you know it didn’t get better it got worse, so much worse


Update 9/4/2016

And here thanks to someone who cherishes his anonymity is the picture I was talking about in the original post:

Mullaghbawn kids

Its as disgusting today as it was in 2011


Mental Illness

Covers almost the entire spectrum of human emotions and some emotions most of us might easily consider inhuman, our reaction to any form of mental illness is often embarrassment, denial, laughter and an instinctive distancing of ourselves to somewhere as far as possible from the sufferer.

Unless that’s not possible and then as you grow and recognise the sheer effort staying alive takes you would never choose any distance or separation.

For some sufferers of mental illness every day is a struggle and surviving the days takes more courage than the vast majority of us can ever imagine, and we should be grateful for our ignorance it means our family is well  and they and our friends are whatever passes for normal.  We have the advantage of never knowing anyone who died by suicide or took an overdose.

Those of us who know full well the horror of mental illness don’t distinguish, except maybe for a slight feeling of contempt for all those who have never known anyone with a mental illness of any description and still condemn it either as some mystical form of hypochondria or as an excuse for not working, conveniently forgetting that most sufferers have to and do work.


Michael Warren a former mayor of Pitcairn has been found guilty of possessing more than a thousand pictures of children being sexually abused.

When I read about Mr Warren I was at first a bit confused because Pitcairn a small, very isolated island with distant romantic origins has in complete contrast to its origins a horrifying and much more recent history.

Mr Warren appears to be following in notorious foot steps:

From the comfort of Europe, its ancient cultures and its somewhat shaky respect for women its hard to imagine life on a tiny island with a population of less than a hundred people and  hundreds of miles miles from any other islands.

In 2004 seven men were charged with 55 counts of child sexual abuse some of the allegations dated back forty years.

The video is interesting there is open acknowledgement that underage sex happened all the defendants say it was consensual but some of the girls describe being forced, held down and gagged and no matter how much some may try to say its Polynesian culture its not its rape.

I can only guess maybe there was a kindofa breakdown of the understanding of UK and much international law. The UK government doesn’t appear to have taken interest in Pitcairn for decades and such neglect may have allowed some people to think they didn’t have to worry about little things like the legal age of consent and rape, they may have thought the British government would take no action against crimes committed so far away. If they did they were not just 9000 miles from the UK they were light years away from understanding who would get the blame if the crimes became public and no charges were brought.

Now with the Warren case it seems Pitcairn may still have problems perhaps its time the UK government did more to open the island to better communications and more people, being so isolated appears to be unhealthy and even dangerous to the weak and vulnerable

Kidnapped by a Paedophile

88592187_alicia-topAlicia Kozakiewicz


Alicia Kozakiewicz was 13 years old when she slipped out of her home in Pittsburgh to meet someone she had been chatting to online. What followed was a nightmare. Now 27, Alicia has made it her mission to protect other children from what she went through, and has had a law named after her in several US states. This is her story in her own words.


The horrifying truth please read it its important to know how easy it is for children and young people to be deceived.

One paragraph sticks in my mind:

“While I did what I could to survive no matter how humiliating or painful or disgusting I had no control over my fate. When I did fight him I ended up with a broken nose. And he’d already kidnapped a child, he’d already done unspeakable things to me, why would murder be something that he couldn’t do?”

Alicia endured horrific abuse for four days and she knew in order to survive she would do whatever the paedophile wanted.

In that paragraph we can see the reality of child rape and also the beginning of a kind of brain washing. Not Stockholm syndrome but perhaps something related to it.

Victims of long term child sexual abuse who have not had the benefits of specialist counselling may still bear deep psychological and emotional scars, among them the need to obey the person they see as having power over them. Its very important to identify such cases before publicizing claims which may prove not false but perhaps exaggerated

Thankfully Alicia tells us the truth and in doing so assists specialists trying to help past and future victims of child sexual abuse.

Andrew (Pickard) Boeckman

Andrew Picard

This is Andrew Boeckman he was charged under his mothers name of Pickard with child abuse. He is eighteen he was seventeen when he was caught.  Andrews original hearing was in October 2015 at a magistrates court where it was deemed the charges were so serious the case had to be heard at Crown Court.

Andrew was a pupil at Eton and it was at Eton the police found the evidence against him on the computer he had there. He pleaded guilty to the charges and his barrister explained Andrew knew and accepted the gravity of the crime he had committed and was receiving counselling.

The judge was incredibly lenient Andrew was given a suspended sentence and was made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and fined £1200.

For some reason known only to the judiciary Andrew was allowed to use his mothers surname instead of his own I assume that was in an effort to keep his family out of the limelight and to allow him to get on with his life when the trial was over.

It almost worked the magistrates court was in October 2015 as far as I know his actual surname was not discovered until after the Crown Court trial in February 2016.

Here is a link to the Daily Telegraph which gives full details of the trial.

I think Andrew should have got a custodial sentence, been placed on the sex offenders register for a number of years and he should have received all counselling in prison in exactly the same way as the vast majority of sex offenders. We don’t know what if any investigation was carried out regarding his home life does he have siblings were they at risk and if they were are they safe now?

A young mans life may be wrecked and if he acted on his fantasies others may be hurting, what we know is children were being hurt and crying in the films he watched and offered to share.

Eton itself is not without a history of problems which could be described as sexual, in the sixties and seventies the ‘fag’ system where young boys are made to serve older pupils caused something of a scandal when  allegations of bullying and sexual abuse were made.

Now we have the antics of the prime minister predilection for pigs heads and his own and other ex Eton cabinet ministers membership of the notorious Bullingdon Club, which is apparently a club where debonair young men get blind drunk, throw up, and burn £50.00 notes in front of homeless people.

None of it says much for Eton, nor does the ex Eton headmaster who refused to report a teacher accused of child sexual abuse to police because he ‘didn’t think it was necessarily my business,’ to report the claims to the police. Here is a link to the case which was at Geelong Grammar School in Australia. where the ex head worked before Eton

Eton is a very proud, very old school but what bothers me about it is do we know what if any investigation did the police officers working on the Picard case make into the circumstances at Eton and what supervision of pupils online activity does Eton enforce in the school?

So many questions about this case and one of them is the suitability of Eton as a school.


Are You Sure?

I’m not. I’m increasingly suspicious of almost every animal rescue video I see and story I read.

There’s a dog in what looks like the middle of the sea and he’s standing on a lump of ice that looks all of a yard wide and a yard long. And a miracle happens a biggish fishing boat just happens to pass by and the hero gets out and rescues the dog. The size of the boat is an indication of the depth of the sea. How did the dog get there?

In China a puppy is stuck down a drain a group of men gather and one rescues the pup. Wonderful. They eat dogs in China.

Cats, dogs, farm and wild animals are rescued from all sorts of unlikely and dangerous places. I’m not for a moment suggesting all rescues are fake I know some are genuine but the thought has crossed my mind that not all are genuine and maybe not all are for the benefit of the animals. We do love our camera phones don’t we and a video that goes ‘viral’ is fame of a sort.

It worries me, a lot.

There’s a page on Facebook I check most days not at all because I like the people but because I don’t trust them. I know fake tears when I don’t see them and I worry about helpless, literally helpless animals in the wrong hands. I wonder how an animal that could hardly walk managed to get upstairs and how the hell he was allowed to even try to get down by himself.

Recently the owner was caught in a lie my first instinct is always to offer support but the more I thought about it the less I was sure what happened was an accident. I’m still not sure of that what I am sure of is that since day two of this latest crisis there have been requests for money and surely that is odd, very odd.

People who dedicate their lives to helping and saving helpless animals need and deserve as much support as possible, people who starve a dog to the point of death and then claim to rescue it deserve prison and people who put animals in danger to get a taste of celebrity deserve the same.

I rather think this whole ‘rescue business’ should be very closely monitored. The one or two really good ones are well known and deserve all the praise and help they get but on the back of the sincere efforts of these wonderful people are the frauds and the abusers looking for easy cash and to grab their fifteen minutes of fame.

I’d love to be wrong but I’m very much afraid I’m right.

The Burning of

Why does it seem no one cares?

Knowledge Utopia


Nearly two years ago, on February 2012, one of the largest library on Earth burned, and no “mainstream” media, no politician denounced it. The reason for this silence is that the library was “illegal” and that it wasn’t a physical one. was by far the biggest public library on the internet, with a catalogue of about 400,000 to 1,000,000 books. And, as Christopher Kelty, whom I’ll quote extensively in this essay, said, it contained “not just any books – not romance novels or the latest best-sellers – but scholarly books: textbooks, secondary treatises, obscure monographs, biographical analyses, technical manuals, collections of cutting edge research in engineering, mathematics, biology, social science and humanities. The texts ranges from so-called “orphan works” (out-of-print, but still copyrighted) to recent issues; from poorly scanned to expertly ripped; from English to German to French to Spanish to Russian, with the occasional Japanese or Chinese text…

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In the Black Blue & Blood it Came in

There is growing evidence that the armies of thought police and politically correct language dictators are attacking and dictating what is and is not acceptable language to be used when discussing Child Sexual and Physical Abuse.

Political correctness is not about telling the truth in a ‘nice’ way. Its about changing the debate and minimizing the subject under the guise of ‘comforting’ victims of abuse. In fact what political correctness does is trivialize abuse
In time some pc twat will say the word ‘sexual’ is inappropriate and offensive after all only one person was having sex the child was being abused. So its wrong to use the term ‘sexual abuse’ in future child sexual abuse should be known as child abuse. As for physical abuse what exactly is physical abuse? Almost everything is physical! So lets call Child Physical Abuse child abuse too.
Political correctness is a cancer it doesn’t stop with one or two words or phrases once in it is emboldened and spreads into every nook and cranny of its subject.
Apparently some victims of abuse don’t ‘like’ the word ‘victim’ they we’re told in all seriousness prefer the word ‘survivor’ We know they survived but since their very claim is about harm done and its long term after shocks using the word ‘survivor’ gives completely the wrong impression. If you survived, and its not like it was an earth quake, what are you complaining about and what help do you need? In a lifetime we all survive something.
Political correctness is not about helping people come to terms with anything its about gagging people and trivializing the truth. If it were up to the people who have the presumption to dictate our vocabulary on any and every subject neither child sexual abuse or child physical abuse would have ever been drawn to public attention for don’t sadists and paedophiles have feelings too? Are they not just ‘differently normal’? 
I don’t give a fuck what the armies of speech police think Child Sexual and Child Physical abuse are two of the most dangerous and harmful things to do to a child and they must be denounced in the strongest possible terms at every opportunity.   
Update 10/03/2016 

We are seeking views on 2 proposals:

Our aim is to provide clarity on the definition of child sexual exploitation (CSE) as a form of child sexual abuse. This will ensure that all professions are using the same definition of CSE, as they create joint risk assessments and work together to target disruption and investigate offending.

The plan appears to be to redefine Child Sexual Exploitation  (CSE) in my opinion the term Child Sexual Exploitation is very clear and needs no further definition. Its important to keep definitions as clear and graphic as possible in order to avoid the tendency we all have to one degree or another of minimizing harm to children, many of us dislike even admitting Child Sexual Abuse happens and that’s one of the reasons so many child sex abusers a) get away with it and b) if they are caught get minimal sentences.

Child Sexual Exploitation is a form of Child Grooming leading in every case to Child Sexual Abuse it can’t be separated from Child Sexual Abuse and nor should it be.

There is an email address for people to express their views I hope people will use it.

Its the

Irish general Election. Imagine that. Or not, usually I prefer not but the whole charade has kindof forced itself upon me. You really can’t get away from it, adverts also known as posters are everywhere. It takes priority on the news and radio and the talk shows, rarely far from dead boring, have been turned into carefully planned and rehearsed Q & A sessions and will probably be the unacknowledged reason for any increase in the Irish death rate.

So, as my solitary follower has buggered off to pastures ‘safe’ I thought I would give a brief outline of my thoughts so far.

You can’t escape it.

Not enough? Not original? OK then.

Fianna Gael leading party in what passes for the Irish government . Fianna Gael got in on courageous promises to stand up to the EU dictators and punish the bankers, they caved before the ink was even dry on their election win.

I honestly don’t know what I think of Enda Kenny He can’t be as bad as he seems no one could. I’m inclined to believe he’s a hell of a back room mover just before the last general election Kenny survived a back room coup, well either he did survive it or it was a good piece of free PR showing a determined, powerful man in control of events…Until it comes to the EU when he’s more of a roll over and get his belly rubbed type.

Labour have been such an unbelievable disappointment! I know I should be used to it this is Ireland after all but really that shower call themselves Labour?! Anyway the leader they had when they joined what should be their polar opposite in government, but instead and only in Ireland is much more their identical twin, buggered off to well paid and undeserved retirement after the first year or so. His position was somewhat alarmingly filled by that well known shrew Joan Burton.

Really I can’t think of anything else to say about Labour except they won’t be getting my vote this time around.

Fianna Fail. No getting away from it their leader Michael Martin had a bloody big mountain to climb and I do think he’s done well considering it doesn’t take much to remind everyone of Bertie Ahearn and Brian Cowen. But he has tried and maybe has succeeded better than he knows. Few people will openly admit to voting for them but old loyalties die very, very slowly and can be resuscitated quickly, quietly and with no more than the flick of a pen.

I have to admit that what little enthusiasm I have for the general election is for Fianna Fail and if I’m prepared to over look the trifling matters of the entire country bankrupt and the blatant smiling corruption of previous leaders I’m sure I’m not the only one.

My pet hate. Sinn Fein. Oh I must restrain myself! And to tell the truth its hard. Or not because its also true to say most of what passes for their leadership is as old or older than me, which basically means they’re on their last lap. He He. Unfortunately they may do well, quite well, they won’t win but for them surely its more about acceptance and growth than an outright win and if all goes well for Gerry Adams in a few years time there might be the presidency. I have to admit the very thought of it makes me queasy because I dislike the bastards past, I suspect there’s shenanigans I would beat him over the head with, and not least because if he got the presidency he would not be the shy retiring do as he’s told president Ireland is so used to.

But, maybe Ireland deserves better from its presidents and anyway the optimist in me looks on the bright side at least Gerry Adams is taller than the present incumbent and with any luck I will be England.

The rest? well I think there’s a new party trying to draw the right kind of attention to itself and there are some very worthwhile independents who I hope hold their seats.

I’ve had enough of the Irish general election already and its not until 26th February. And just think 29th February 2016 is a leap year. Strange things can happen in a leap year.

The Good Republican

It was on Spotlight last night.  A northern Ireland documentary series it was naturally interested in the recent judgement in the south against Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy for tax evasion.

The entire show was devoted to Tom Murphy’s alleged republican past its still alleged because there’s no actual evidence he was in the IRA I think that’s important. There is a lost libel case, there was a statement from Eamonn Collins there’s the murder of Eamonn Collins but there’s no suggestion Tom Murphy had anything to do with the murder and none of it is proof of membership of the IRA.

Eamonn Collins was a grass he should have run but he chose not to and his very presence would be an open wound to people who care about things like that.

Enough of unproven allegations about the IRA I don’t support the IRA. I don’t like the IRA. I support fair trials for everyone, there’s so much wrong with the arrest and trial of Tom Murphy it makes me wonder and it makes me angry.

If I were a big time smuggler of contraband of whatever description the first thing I would do is make sure I had a safe place. A priests hole, secret cave, false basement. Anything that would do to house my ill gotten gains.

Tom Murphy no fool and no amateur didn’t do any of that. He put his wealth, or some of it, in black plastic sacks in a barn and that says to me Mr Murphy was not expecting unwelcome or inquisitive visitors.

Did someone lie to him? Did a government or its officers renege on a deal to let Tom Murphy continue as its alleged he always had? If so I think the green light to investigate Tom Murphy was from within the British and/or Irish governments (for those who care that’s alphabetical order)

It would do no good in the first instance of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement for the British or Irish to give their word independently of each other. It had to be agreed by both sides and presumably any betrayal had also to be agreed.

I despise those people who forget their friends as soon as its convenient to do so. I dislike those who return favours with betrayal and I feel contempt for those who make promises in order to achieve something and once it is achieved renege on their promise, their given word.

And so Mr Murphy was arrested and charged with tax evasion and here what is merely slightly hold your nose nauseating becomes sickening in its hypocrisy. Mr Murphy was denied a trial of his peers and made to endure a trial with no jury.

Tax evasion is a crime against the state. It had to be, as all crimes are, investigated by the state it had to be prosecuted by the state and the judge is a state appointee.

No jury in a trial against the state. No mention of the unease all states feel at the presence of more than their own army. No mention that disabling and disarming such an army would be a priority for every government.

Its all very sleazy and whether or not you think Mr Murphy deserves sleaze is irrelevant because the law doesn’t. The law must shine or its not the law its just a bigger gang than the other guys.


Westminster/Kincora child sex abuse: missing files resurface – we fill in the gaps


Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Leon Brittan & Sir Peter Hayman: all named in latest document

Yesterday the UK Government revealed a document (see link below) that showed that files pertaining to allegations of child sex abuse have resurfaced after many believed they had been destroyed. These files are referred to in correspondence with Sir Peter Wanless, who chaired an Inquiry into certain aspects of these allegations. That all the establishment figures named in the files are dead may explain why it has taken so long for them to be ‘discovered’. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has made it clear that although the files reference child sex abuse at the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland, Kincora will remain excluded from the Goddard Inquiry into historic child sex abuse. What is particularly interesting about the document as a whole is that by releasing it the Government finally admits that the allegations…

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I Like Blogging

Even after six years and a hell of a lot of abuse I do still enjoy writing posts and reading other blogs, and I do read them. I probably follow a couple of hundred and whilst I don’t read them all every day I read several especially if the whole post is in the email.

I don’t think I’ve ever stopped following a blog and I can’t imagine that I would. Its not the sort of thing I would do. I might be a difficult person and I may not agree with every subject but reaching out sharing opinions and ideas is what to me blogging is about

I guess we all follow blogs for several reasons among mine are that I enjoy reading, I like to read different opinions and I do credit many with being more knowledgeable on subjects than I am which is not exactly hard in any case.

I follow several witchcraft blogs but I’m afraid as far as I’m concerned many of them have lost credibility ,many are Wiccan which to me is like half a loaf, but whichever path they follow they’re all too commercialised and most seem very Americanized. I find that irritating and boring. Some I don’t trust at all but I know who they are and how easy it would be to deal with them.

Of course being me I follow several political blogs I’ve gone off most on the left of politics they’re usually the politically correct ones and they’re always full of their own self importance and censorship. It gets wearing after a while particularly when you realise their interest is self interest.

My favourite blogs are about nature, animals and the universe. I love those who doesn’t like to see and learn about animals, flowers, landscapes and our fantastic and intriguing stars.

The hardest blogs are the ones about child abuse and they are the ones I read the most. I don’t like them much but that’s because the blog owners go to a lot of effort to get their facts right and those facts are always about children who have been hurt and who hurt them.

Within what you might call the child abuse section there are a few that seem more obsessed with their own private and not so private vendettas real or fake I think those vendettas threaten the credibility of campaigners against child abuse and to me that is selfish and counter productive.

Some blogs I read because I know the writer isn’t who he/she says and what they write is to say the least untrue. I read those regularly to keep an eye on what they’re up to and to catch their mistakes, and sadly it has to be said I do regard every blog with a degree of suspicion, just this morning I’ve read two I wouldn’t trust out of my sight and that’s without even starting on the Zionist ones. If they tell the truth on a subject its the only thing they tell the truth about.

There it is the many and varied reasons I have for blogging, reading and even disliking blogs

It just occurred to me that I don’t follow any art blogs I think its for the same reason I would never stop following a blog. Painting is more personal than writing and whilst I feel I can disagree with a written subject without offence, and with indifference if the writer is offended, because the subject is separate from the person. I don’t think that’s true of painting so I doubt its possible to critique or disagree with paintings without hurting the artist. Aren’t they the lucky ones…



Umm, its a long, long time since I had an IQ test from what I remember its not your usual reading, riting and rithmetic. Its more kindof squiggle, dash and see if that fits and from that you can see that if I took an IQ test today it would probably be around minus something serious.

I don’t know from IQ tests. I’m not sure how valid or important they are and nor am I at all sure that they can be applied to people who may not have not had the luxury of even the most basic education.

In theory of course its possible but in practice when you’re dealing with the poorest people on the planet, those whose every waking thought has to be of where the next meal is coming from is it really fair to expect them to approach an IQ test with anything like the same, experiences, knowledge, enthusiasm or even trepidation as people from more secure, better educated and more structured countries?

I’m not sure it is, what I know is I don’t like the idea of it. In the first place an IQ test as far as I know is pretty much a western construct and whichever way you look at that you better also look at it as European in origin.

In countries like India, every bit as intelligent as the west, there are whole levels even an entire bottom level of people who are not only not educated, their entire family history will be comprised of people who were not educated because the caste system does not expect or want its bottom rung to better itself. Such people struggle to survive and if you ask me their success at surviving is a pretty good indication of IQ level.

Africa, the whole continent not this or that bit of it, has thousands of miles and even more people who live in the kind of conditions that make theory ridiculous, many may not thrive but against the greatest odds they do survive and that too is an indication of IQ level.

China and Japan could take the glorious European idea of its own IQ level and clean the cats litter tray with it.

And, frankly the whole of South America could care less, some parts are well educated, some are not and a few lucky ones have never seen a European predator, but they have got pyramids and temples going back thousands of years, they need no IQ lessons from Europeans.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t trust the idea of IQ tests being used to gauge the intelligence levels of entire populations. Of course I could start on a breakdown of the numbers of people tested, their education etc. etc. but that would be playing the European game.






Darren, Nick and, maybe, Esther

A stranger who rapes a child and runs away is a dangerous person who must be caught but he/she is not grooming a child.

child sexual abuse in the home, schools, church, care homes and clubs is also child grooming and it maybe the grooming of a child does longer lasting psychological harm than the actual rape. It must be that almost the first thing a groomed child learns is to want to please his/her attacker because the alternative maybe very painful even fatal and the abuse will happen anyway.

The experiences of Darren and Nick were told on Exaro News. Each approached Exaro and explained their abuse to the reporters who sent them to the police and then published their stories on their website. The same applies to Esther.

Exaro News should have done their own research made a full investigation into the background and previous record of Darren, Nick and Esther, had they done so it would mean that two thorough investigations had taken place and that would give police and public more confidence in what was reported.

I don’t know if Exaro did investigate these survivors of child sexual abuse there are allegations that they did not and if that is true it is a serious lapse of professional standards but it does not in itself prevent or infringe the law.

The police are another matter the evidence they need is far more stringent than that required by journalists who for example can accept hearsay and probability. The police can’t do that they need corroboration , actual evidence that can be put before a court and if as so often happens in child sexual abuse cases they don’t get it the allegations will not even get as far as criminal charges.

Survivors of child sexual abuse are vulnerable people those who suffered years of abuse were also forcefully trained to please their abusers.

Its unfair and wrong to call a victim of child sexual abuse a fantasist and its wrong to say Exaro shouldn’t have published the allegations. Exaro are the very reason so much attention is now being given to child sexual abuse and its many victims.

In many ways for survivors of child grooming and child abuse the investigation into an allegation must be as bad and maybe worse than the abuse itself. Each occasion must be relived and explained to the police and media in great detail.

It must take survivors on a journey in time and in that journey they must relive pain and humiliation, maybe they also re experience the original grooming method and the need to avoid punishment by pleasing their abuser

It could be anyone in a position of authority who reopens unhealed wounds also reopens untreated grooming.I’m not sure how much is known about the long terms affect of child grooming. It seems obvious to me that its a form of among other things brain washing. It therefore surely follows that whilst some may recover fully from being groomed others will deeply buried in locked down memory carry the fear and the need to obey and please their abuser.

I may return to this subject but all I want to do for now is highlight something for myself that probably everyone already knows and recognises. I hope Darren, Nick, Esther and all victims of abuse find healing, justice, peace and contentment in their lives.

Update 21/03/2016 

Today we learned Operation Midland is to close with no charges being brought against Harvey Proctor or any VIP paedophiles. Its not unexpected its confirmation of how difficult it is to prove older cases of child sexual abuse.

Some have called Nick and others fantasists but if some victims of child sexual abuse do fantasize what makes them stretch the truth into fantasy because surely there would have to be a trigger, does something within them react to questioning and try to please the authority of the questioner/s because if so its something the police and counselors should be concerned about.

Its unfair and wrong to jump to conclusions about victims of child sexual abuse, child grooming is as far as I know a rarely looked at element of abuse but to the child it maybe the most wounding, long lasting and invisible scar they have to live with and try to overcome.


I’ve been reading about other opinions of Operation Midland I’m reluctant to do a new post because it would be even more repetitive than this one has become but I would like people to consider what they read in other blogs and tweets and what is described therein.

Its not Munchhausen by Proxy and its not Stockholm Syndrome and nor is it straightforward fantasy. It seems to me to be something as yet unlabeled not because the experts don’t know about it I think they do and I think some of the establishment rely on it to discredit some victims and/or witnesses.

Its the reaction of a groomed child attempting to please his/her abuser because grooming is about more than tying someone down and forcing them to do something, its about inflicting different degrees and kinds of violence to obtain the desired result. Perhaps the majority of victims of long term child sexual grooming and child sexual abuse recover in their own way when the grooming ends but very likely not all can and so the core of the grooming stays within vulnerable to further attack when pressured by someone seen as a figure of authority and/or power over them