A Tweet too Far

Twitter is full of what they call trolls I believe most of them are either employed by Twitter or in some cases encouraged by Twitter employees, there have been three deaths all suicides by people who got too close to Twitter and thought the behaviour there was allowed everywhere but for all the claims by the professionals the three suicides were amateurs not real trolls at all, such amateurs are the tools of professional trolls and when the amateurs are forced to acknowledge reality so the dread, fear and terrible depression that comes with knowing they have been used descend to evidently terrible effect.

Is Ireland the right place for Twitter I don’t think so. Ireland is so very local its easy for those with vested interests to find and get to know employees of Twitter support its even probable that technical employees are allowed to get involved in targeting individuals. Its all publicity right?

There is something very, very wrong with all Social Media sites and its most visible on Twitter

They’ll have been waiting for something frothing with rage and that was a mistake I’ve been enraged it doesn’t work unless you deal with the cause. I’m dealing with the cause

Wembley Stadium in mourning after Paris Attacks, London, Britain - 14 Nov 2015

ISIS Shock and Awe in Paris

It was hard to choose a picture the same colours appeared in almost every country. The famous landmarks of each country lit up to represent support for France and if we’re not very careful war to every Muslim country.

Holy war

Not seen for centuries but the beginnings of it were visible in France and elsewhere and its maybe something some Islamist’s don’t fully understand. Western countries look and often behave in a secular even decadent manner because they can and its both fun and liberating. Until disaster strikes and then people light candles and place flowers both symbols of Christianity and if that isn’t enough many go to church.

Christianity is old, older than Islam its presence in our lives is taken for granted even ignored most of the time but most people still get married in church, children are Christened in church, people are buried in Christian cemeteries and when tragedy strikes its the church people turn to and that turning has been happening for some time. Its visible in the growing anger at attempts to turn Christmas into ‘the holidays’  as if acknowledging and respecting the core of western civilisation is somehow offensive. Christmas is back and we must all hope that the crusades don’t return with it.

I think many Muslims are being taught that all they have to do is keep having children in time they will out number Christians, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists Jews and everyone else. I believe before that happens there will be a bigger more destructive war than ever before lived through.

In many Mosques, ignorant ill educated Imams tell the followers they must not listen to non Muslims, they must not educate their children in the ways of other religions and most important they must obey Sharia law first. In some countries its worked if you look at some Asian countries Pakistan, Bangladesh for eg Islam is the biggest most aggressive religion treating non Muslims as lesser beings, but Islam is no respecter of Muslims either poor Muslims are treated almost as badly and slavery allowed in Islam is more or less normal. Muslims who believe they can take over Christian countries are treading and taking their followers down a very dangerous path.

In every war there have been what used to be called conscientious objectors and there were obviously some who sided with the enemy. All were dealt with ruthlessly in WW2 conscientious objectors were sent to prison or other out of the way places where they could do no harm, Nazi sympathisers either learned fast or were treated as enemy spies. Its not hard those who see an ineffectual politically correct police force and believe that’s all there is are gullible fools there’s a lot more all of it life threatening and the very beginnings of it are visible today on the streets of Paris.

I make no secret of despising Islam I want it banned. I want the burka and every religious head covering banned with it. I want to know gloves are worn because its cold not because a woman thinks showing her actual hands is a temptation too far for the uncontrollable male and I want every male who dares suggest such a thing thrown behind bars for the safety of all women and children.

But! I don’t want the people of Islam hurt I want them to recognise and dispose of Islam the religion almost all of them were born to and had no choice about joining. I believe that in Muslim countries and all over the world women are the first and most tragic of Islams victims. I don’t believe women want their daughter of eight or nine married off to a man in his forties and I don’t believe women want their sons raised to believe their mother is no more than a slave to male demands.

I do believe that before a hostile Christian population allows Muslims to take over there will be a horrible and deadly confrontation

Paedophile a Victim?

About four years ago a man was recommended to me as a painter, decorator, odd job man. The man always bothered me in some ways he seemed almost child like, silly stuff like loving to flash the cash just to let you see he had some!

He wasn’t a great worker and he was a thief so obviously not one of my better choices even if he was recommended: always trust your instinct.

Gradually I discovered the man had a criminal conviction as far as I know it was and still is just one conviction but its for sexually assaulting young girls and that makes all the difference. If I’d known at the time I would never have given him the job.

It kind of leaks into a matter that’s bothered me for a long while.

What happens in a small town when someone is convicted of child abuse? There have been stories of paedophiles being attacked, driven from their homes and generally isolated. None of those things happened in this case but when I look back at the events I see his vulnerability and from there its possible to see similarities with the infamous cover ups of politician and establishment child abusers and those who protect them.

As soon as a paedophile is known and recognised he/she become vulnerable. I have no time or sympathy for any child abuser but if you think about it as soon as a paedophile is identified he or she is at risk and so as has been pointed out by others the paedophile becomes no more than a slave to his ‘protectors’.

Many paedophiles lose contact with family and few people outside the family will have anything to do with known paedophiles. If the paedophile had friends as soon as the crime is discovered the friends drop them as if they never existed.

Its a double tragedy, first and most important a child is harmed sometimes beyond recovery, a long way behind that is the paedophile, maybe friendless, maybe desperate. Its possible to feel the paedophiles tragedy but I would never, ever support or offer any kind of friendship however remote to a child abuser and that confirms the tragedy.

The last time I saw the painter and decorator he literally and I really mean literally, ran away from me. I found myself feeling sorry for him because I knew that our previous contact, he called me, was at the instigation and in the presence of the ‘friend’ who recommended him to me someone with a sick sense of humour thought it was funny and the poor man felt obliged to obey. How sick is that?

The paedophile has few choices he/she can move try to start again or try to carry on in his home area. I don’t feel sorry for paedophiles there’s no room for that but I can see how vulnerable they are and how easy it must be to manipulate them, and that leads to the reason why some politicians and maybe some sick people find keeping a dirty little secret useful.

We Never Learn



Its that time again the blood red poppy is on tv and in the newspapers so of course the arrogant superior politically correct activists are up in arms, red poppies they decree glorify war, show a pride in all things military and ignore the loss of civilian life. This they insist must be corrected by forgetting the red poppy and instead wearing the white poppy of peace. Now doesn’t that give you a nice warm feeling?

What does the red poppy stand for?

It stands for the men who never went home. It began after the first World War and stands for the muddy, slimy gore filled trenches and fields where soldiers died in the days when recognising the dead in the mud was difficult and transporting dead bodies long distances almost impossible.

The red poppy stands for all the parents, wives brothers and sisters of soldiers who never made it home. Government well aware of deep grief and seething anger decreed there would be a tomb for the soldiers who never went home and a minute of silent remembrance and respect for them It gave people who had no grave to visit no one to talk to on Sunday afternoons a focus and in the first years the minute of silence was observed the length and breadth of the UK and beyond. After the two world wars towns and villages erected their own cenotaphs and on them can be seen the names of all the men and boys who never made it home,

The red poppy has expanded it now includes all the soldiers who died or were maimed in every conflict since World War One. It stands for the peace all soldiers fight for because no soldier, particularly conscripted soldiers fight for war everlasting they fight that their sacrifice will bring peace and they can go home to live lives free from fear and tyranny. If you look at a red poppy see the pain, grief and irretrievable loss because knowing and feeling is where peace begins.

What does the white poppy stand for?

An academic wet dream, a well meaning but insufferably smug, superior attitude to anyone who ever wore a military uniform. The white poppy stands for those who can’t cope with the thought of so much blood, so many lives lost, so much pain and grief. It says forget the pain, grief, blood and dead lets respect peace not the men and women who fought and died to achieve it.

The white poppy stands for those who belittle the courage and sacrifice of those who died to give them the right to object, the right to protest and the freedom to feel superior.

The white poppy insults the dead and all living servicemen and women

All over the world countries have their own date and time to remember the soldiers who never went home the real heroes of war. Not all have the red poppy as their emblem but all do have an emblem and their own way of showing their respect.

Questions for our Muslim Community


Its happening and no one in government or any other politician wants to do anything about it.

Originally posted on Rotherham Politics:

 Is there a Sharia Court practicing in Rotherham? 

Is that Court adjudicating on criminal matters? 

Who are acting as judges in that Court?

The Evening Standard, stated that a Sharia court in London adjudicatedon a stabbing crime. The families of the guilty paid the victim compensation. http://goo.gl/JRPcPZ. 

They point to a number of Sharia Courts in the UK, including one in Rotherham. Elsewhere research claims that there are approximately 85 Sharia courts in the UK, some may be giving out advice that is illegal. http://goo.gl/f9xap  

Efforts to make Sharia wills legal in the UK foundered when the Law Society was forced to withdraw published guidance to help solicitors write them. They discovered that Sharia wills can break UK Law by allowing for discrimination against women and non-Muslims. 

There is an accepted arbitration role for Sharia courts in marital & family mediation…

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More than 800,000 refugees RETURNING to Syria as Putin OBLITERATES Islamic State


The extraordinary thing is Russia are the heroes there are rumours America and its allies funded and trained Al Qaeda and for all we know they did the same with ISIS.

There is said to be oil in Syria. Multinational companies want to run pipe lines through Syria and President Assad would not agree to their terms.

Incredible situation caused by a combination of big business, politically correct moronic thinking and Barack Obama who wouldn’t know real life if he tripped over it.

What has the west come to.

Originally posted on saboteur365:



The title of this post is word-for-word the headline as it appears at the Express. Putin wins again. Obama is exposed for the loser that he is.


MORE than 800,000 refugees are set to return to Syria thanks to Vladimir Putin’s heroic efforts to smash the Islamic State.

Last month Moscow launched a bombing campaign against the twisted State terror group, which controls vast swathes of Syria and has forced thousands of people to flee the country.

Many desperate asylum seekers have made their way to Europe via boats to Greece, with David Cameron agreeing to let 20,000 in Britain over the next five years.

But Russia’s bid to wipe out ISIS has been so successful that almost a million Syrians are elected to return to their homeland, Russian politician Dmitry Sablin claimed.

Western leaders, puppets…

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The Emperors New Clothes?

I’ve spent a little time watching You Tube clips of the European reaction to the invasion of hundreds of thousands of people from predominantly Muslim countries and to be honest its a bit worrying.

I think its true to say that most EU leaders whatever they really think are saying Europe, that is the EU part of Europe, must welcome the people they call refugees, but are they refugees? Not all the carefully posed pictures of women and children can disguise the fact that up to 90% of the ‘refugees’ are young men and not weary, wounded or hungry men at that so far every one of them has been well dressed, healthy and well equipped with mobile phones, laptops and so on.

Its disquieting because the days of carefully selected pictures and government supporting media propaganda are gone everything can now be seen on the internet and what European people can see of these ‘refugees’ they don’t like or agree with and they hate the lies they are being told by their own governments.

In almost every European country there are pockets of resistance, people refusing to allow ‘refugees’ into their communities, people trying to guard their own borders against the invading ‘refugees’ and that is more than a bit worrying and disquieting that is very worrying indeed.

Among the ‘refugees’ there will be as there are in every country and society rapists, paedophiles, murderers, drug dealers and thugs but every crime a ‘refugee’ is accused of committing adds to the impotent rage of the European population. In addition there are strong rumours terrorists are among the ‘refugees’ and looking at the sheer number of able bodied young men its easy to see its very possible.

Its a horrible thing because EU governments are trying to force their own people to believe something they can physically see is a lie and people are actually taking to the streets to protest. Its almost as if EU bureaucrats want an EU wide uprising.

Do the EU bureaucrats have even the slightest idea of the risk they are running? People in the UK, Germany, France, Finland, Hungary, Croatia and so on can see each other objecting to the invasion and being ignored by their own governments.

Some say its all part of a New World Order plot to lower the living standards and erase the culture of the European race which includes countries like America and Australia both also suffering a huge influx of immigrants from people of, lets be honest, less enlightened cultures and faith.

If that’s true its already working wages in the UK have dropped and so have living standards, rents are beyond the reach of many working people, healthcare and benefits for the sick and disabled are cut. Some might say the UK and other EU countries are being ghettoized.

Its true to say a crisis has been building for several years but its also true to say the process if that’s what it is has escalated since, by sheer coincidence I’m sure, the recent Bilderberg meeting.

Another interesting aspect is the vast majority of the illegal immigrants are Muslims but of all the Muslim countries only Jordan and Turkey have taken refugees and, how odd, Jordan and Turkey are where many of the illegal immigrants are ‘running’ from they’re not running to countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain they’re running to the EU.

We live in as the Chinese say interesting times and guess what? China is another country illegal immigrants don’t want to know about as is Russia and all the smaller European countries outside the EU.

I believe that if EU governments don’t come to their senses turn away the, lets call them what they are, illegal immigrants, and take the aid to the countries that need it we are headed for the kind of trouble not seen in the EU, Europe as a whole or America for many a long year

To HASC – questions to ask to stop child abuse being exploited for party-political gain

Originally posted on Desiring Progress:

This afternoon (Wednesday October 21st, 2015), the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) will be taking evidence relating to allegations and investigations into the abuse of children committed by VIPs (and in at least one case, alleged rape of an adult woman) from five important people: Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle, formerly of Operation Fernbridge, Assistant Commissioner Patricia Gallan and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse of the Metropolitan Police, Tom Watson MP, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party and a prominent campaigner on child abuse, and Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions. A report this morning makes clear that the committee have decided not to interview Zac Goldsmith, MP for Richmond Park and Conservative candidate for London Mayor.

Over the last two weeks, ever since the broadcast on October 5th of the BBC Panorama programme on the alleged VIP Paedophile Ring, there has been a concerted media campaign targeting Tom…

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Two Little Boys

dead baby on beach

Beautiful baby Aylan died when the overloaded death trap dinghy he was on capsized and he his brother mother and several more children and adults drowned. Who knows if he washed up on the shore of a Greek island what we know is the body of this beautiful baby was carefully arranged and photographed on the beach to rouse the sympathy of a caring, gullible public.

Aylan was an important part of making hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants arriving on the shores of Europe look desperate and abused and therefore in need of acceptance by the European people.

Awful thing is it was a lie. Poor Baby Aylans mother, brother and other passengers drowned but not his father, not the man who has since the tragedy been accused of organising the journey, steering the boat and collecting thousands of pounds from passengers. He should have been arrested as soon as the accusations were made. He should have been questioned and possibly charged with manslaughter but that didn’t happen it would have spoiled the spin the main stream media (spit) and politicians (scum) were using to try to make the illegal immigrants 90% of whom are young able bodied men acceptable to the European people.

As far as I know Aylans father has disappeared back into the wilderness. It would be inconvenient for the authorities to change his story now so he’s gone been allowed to get away unquestioned which to be fair is what happens to most people traffickers.

And here is baby Donald

A beautiful boy born in Bournemouth England. His mother and her partner ran away from their home because they were afraid of her abusive ex partner.

Baby Donald was premature, you and I might think that would mean he should get full care and attention and we’re both wrong. Donalds parents had not lived in Dorset/Bournemouth long enough to be entitled to help so mother and Donald were discharged from the hospital to – set up home in the family car.

Baby Donald died, there were no carefully arranged pictures just a few shots the parents had taken in the first few weeks of his life. Donald wasn’t entitled do you see. He didn’t arrive in a death trap dinghy and what’s worse his death is a potential embarrassment to the authorities, so no, there are no pictures of Donald and the cause of his death is not as far I know public yet but then nothing much about Donald is worth fussing about, who cares about little British babies or the homeless many of whom are young and thousands of others ex military. Who cares about them or the sick and disabled when illegal immigrants are so much more politically correct and trendy, the problems and fears of actual British people simply get in the way.

It maybe that Donalds parents are what the authorities used to call ‘problem families’ So what? Up and down these islands there are women living in fear of abusive partners there are mothers who take drugs and there are mothers who just don’t know how to cope but none of them are worth the attention and aid lavished on the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants risking their own and their childrens lives to get to the new promised land.

Each country has a duty of care to its people and that must come before anything else. If such a duty of care were being adhered to both Baby Aylan and Baby Donald would be alive today.


Child Sexual Abuse and the BBC

The inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is kind of underway or so we are told, there’s been almost no information or as far as I have seen and heard the smallest comment.

What this means is campaigners and supporters of victims of CSA have to keep working in the dark. CSA as a subject is so important it must be kept in the public eye and this is hard to do because the subject is so repellent it seems the majority of people after their first outrage want and try to push it away.

Most of us don’t as far as we know have anything to do with child abuse when we read about it we stay well within our own comfort zones which is understandable because there’s not or doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it, and this disbelief and refusal to challenge the authorities is one of the main aids to both child sex abusers and the authorities that have it seems always protected them. Its not because we are afraid of authority, although perhaps the British are a bit, its because we are afraid of the subject.

Most of us only want to know about horror when its in a film and we can regard it as fiction. We don’t want to know some children are forced to live it. We protect our own children as much as we can and assume, wrongly, that everyone else does the same.

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) is in difficulty for a number of reasons.

First its being challenged by the might of the Rupert Murdoch empire and its tame politicians. This means there is a very real threat to the continued public funding of the corporation Mr Murdoch and his minions being convinced that an undiluted diet of Sky News and Sky TV are all anyone could possibly want or need to be fully up to date with the kind of news Mr Murdoch is convinced is all we need.

Second is the apparent lack of credible documentary makers & journalists. Once we knew that if it appeared on the BBC it was however weighted the opinion might be true in essence. Not anymore. The sloppy incomplete and usually partisan news and documentaries have damaged the reputation of the BBC so badly its risking the very existence of the Corporation itself.

In these days of cut backs a lot of work the BBC used to do itself is farmed out to independent film and documentary makers which is in theory a good thing but has so far proven to be not much more than an open door to error, favouritism and prejudiced reporting.

Into this comes the BBCs flagship documentary maker Panorama The much respected producer of fine documentaries is under strong attack from social media commenters about its latest investigation into, you guessed it, child sexual abuse.

Panorama chose to keep their latest documentary to a very narrow investigation of a subject that needs and requires in depth analysis. The documentary showed what some have described as a highly partisan glimpse of the allegations surrounding Leon Brittan.

There have been rumours about Leon Brittan for many years some say it was a joke in Westminster that Brittan wasn’t attracted to anything over three feet tall. I don’t find that amusing but if its true it shows that not only were MPs aware of Brittans paedophilia they thought it funny.

Lord Brittan married in his forties and at a time when the rumours about him were becoming public. If he married to disguise his paedophilia he wouldn’t be the first person to use marriage as a cover for something else.

Child sexual abuse is not like being raped once on your way home from work. Its not like being subjected to grievous bodily harm on your way home from work or a night out. Its a horrific and for many daily combination of both. Child rape takes over and obliterates childhood. It affects the victims daily life in a way no other assault can and the scars it leaves may be easily opened

Panorama seemed to give the impression that the main investigators into child sexual abuse allegations a well known media company may not have investigated claims of child sexual abuse fully enough. If that is so its certainly a claim that could just as easily perhaps even more so be made against Panorama. I didn’t think the documentary was that bad it did at least raise the subject but it didn’t go far or dig deep and that is what child sexual abuse needs to be understood.

Not all victims of child rape and torture recover to live what we think of as normal lives even if they do appear to live such lives on the outside inside they are suffering so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find a victim may have some previous claims or crimes against them its what we should all expect for how could we expect anything else?

I’ve often said all victims of child sexual abuse who report their suffering to police or media should/must from that first contact be offered professional counseling services but I’m not sure they are, not at all sure. Victims of child abuse who report the crimes they endured are when they make the report whether it be to police or media forced to relive in detail the abuse they suffered. Wounds are torn open and if nothing is offered to help the victim heal the wound then who knows what repercussions there might be?


Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party

I didn’t want him elected leader of the Labour party not because I dislike him or most of his policies the reason I didn’t want him to win is much more painful: he reminds me of Michael Foot who I liked very much. He was a good man, a great politician and a hopeless leader. It wasn’t that his opinions were wrong they were not Michael Foot just seemed unable to understand the difference between being a back bench conviction politician and being the leader of a major political party.

I have the same feeling about Jeremy Corbyn with one or two added reservations. He did ignore the child sexual abuse tragedy in Islington and he did condemn Geoffrey Dickens for raising the subject of child sexual abuse in parliament. Not good enough particularly from the leader of a political party. And there is his age. He’s sixty six its not too late to make a success of his leadership but its cutting it fine and seventy is not too old to lead a general election campaign I hope his health holds because not to sound heartless he is taking on a challenging position and a leadership election close to a general election would not be ideal.

Having said that Jeremy Corbyn does have the opportunity to make real progress. The Conservative party won the general election but they are not popular in the unthinking way Margaret Thatcher was for so long. If Corbyn can emphasize the difference between himself and David Cameron he has a great opportunity to close the gap and even take the lead.

Yesterday was his first opportunity and his first mistake. He attended an event commemorating the Battle of Britain and declined to join in the national anthem. As a conviction politician he is entitled to his views as leader of the Labour party his personal views don’t count in any but exceptional circumstances. If his PR team and I do hope he has one have any common sense at all they will make clear that whilst he is not changing his republican atheist position he will not use his leadership to promote what the majority of his party and the country disagree with since to do so would be a betrayal of democracy and that is what he should also say to questions about any previous and possibly controversial issues.

I wish Jeremy Corbyn luck even though some of his opinions and some members of his cabinet irritate the hell out of me.

I was in two minds about writing this, not only do some people think I can’t write they also think I should stay away from politics because as they are always eager to inform me I’m too stupid to understand. Fuck em I write what I like because I want to write it not because I’m looking for praise or even readers.


I don’t know why they do it but I don’t for one second doubt that its deliberate. I mean do I care if I’m their friend? I’ve seen their ‘friendship’ up close No one needs friends that badly.

I’ve had hundreds of death threats from boasts of using the Sinn Fein computer at the last Irish General Election to being threatened with the IRA! I’m used to it but no one would ever go so far as to like it.

“Its up to me” Really, when did that miracle happen?

Its never been ‘up to me’ My demand and it stayed the same for years was name/s and apology, they never happened and when I say they never happened I mean the situation became a great deal worse.

So don’t come to me with “its up to you” that is yet another lie to add to the endless shite pile.

I don’t expect replies or response, do please allow that to sink in and while you wait think about this I don’t believe my twitter account is in open circulation I believe its controlled.

How can I be friendly and that is all I ever tried to be with people who hacked and deleted emails, who stole property, cost me a fortune and invaded my home when I was out, and for the record that one is easily proven only one family know when I leave my house and when I return I can’t go to town or even take the dogs for a walk without passing one or other of their doors. Its also the merest tip of that well known iceberg.

I live in a country where some people think it funny to recommend a child abuser as a decorator and others keep the dirty little secret for them.

So all the online hysteria over child sexual abuse is another lie. No one or groups of people who hate child abuse would recommend a child abuser for anything other than the death penalty, but this is Ireland the country that likes to see and promote itself as caring and generous and has a child sexual abuse record every bit as bad as the UK and even less honesty about it. Think about that the population of the UK is seventy million and rising the population of Ireland is four million and dropping like a stone.

I know they’re not my friends I don’t need reminding and unless there is acknowledgement of crimes committed I won’t be changing my mind about the eventual outcome.

Immigrants, Refugees or both?

calais 5

Migrants face Hungarian police in the main Eastern Railway station in Budapest, Hungary, September 1, 2015.  REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

Migrants face Hungarian police in the main Eastern Railway station in Budapest, Hungary, September 1, 2015. REUTERS/Laszlo Balogh

greece 1

greece 3

calais 1

The pictures are of Calais, Hungary and Greece and I’m really glad the woman landing in Greece managed to bring her Iphone but at least she is a woman one of the few.

There are refugees among them of course there are but there are also economic migrants and some of them will be terrorists, rapists or murderers.

All immigrants including asylum seekers have got to be properly registered and checked and that is the reason some migrants rioted they didn’t want to be checked I find that suspicious.

The question is if its too dangerous for young men to stay why did they leave the women behind they know that if they are caught by ISIS the women will be treated worse than men.

Another fact is more than 83,000 young people in the UK are homeless thousands more are ex military what publicity is there for them, and think of the cuts to benefits thousands of people have had sickness and/or disability payments cut what about them more cuts?

The main stream media have been doing a great job showing pictures that would wring all heart strings but they’ve not been telling the whole truth.

Peggy Hubbard a black woman telling the truth the most important part of which is that a nine year old girl was shot dead by drive by killers as she sat in her room doing her home work.

No one cares they’re too busy caring about a thug who was killed because he fired at police who unsurprisingly returned fire. His sorry black arse really matters but a nine year old girl also black? She doesn’t matter at all.

The real fault lies not with black people but with the education of all children, black people were not the first or the last slaves. In many countries slavery is a very profitable business but not one white country teaches the truth about slavery.

If people are not taught they don’t know and if they don’t know how can they change the system and stop all slavery.

A nine year old girl was killed by drive by thugs her colour is irrelevant she’s still dead her beautiful life full of possibilities was stolen, who cares what colour the murderers are they should get life in prison



The trial hasn’t begun, he is still innocent until a trial of the facts decides on a verdict, but today there was a hearing in court to decide if Janner was well enough to appear in court himself as the vast majority of us must if we are charged with a serious crime.

It was at last a great relief to hear that just like the rest of us Janner must go to court to face his accusers. His lawyers are said to have considered trying a further appeal but decided against it.

Janner does and must have the presumption of innocence and for that reason I’m keeping this post brief.

Moving on.

There are different types of power of attorney one is often used by people who work abroad for weeks or months at a time when I was a young secretary we used to arrange these or get others to arrange them for us I should say, for directors of the company when they went abroad to work.

The other type is called a lasting power of attorney and that refers specifically to those people who are unable to manage their own affairs. Its fairly common in cases of dementia but it also covers those with catastrophic brain injuries and those who are intellectually disadvantaged. Its for all the people who can no longer judge the importance of documents or know the difference between amounts of money or even what is money and what is not.

A lasting power of attorney may be made by the family of someone afflicted but they are also made by social services. A lasting power of attorney is important it removes the right to make almost any decision.

I’ve been so accustomed to power of attorney that for a long time I didn’t associate it with Lord Janner and then one day I thought surely someone has checked? I mean its so normal!

What I noticed however is that whilst the first PofA may be normal the second appeared to be hardly thought of, PofA was being mocked so being me I explained in less than 140 characters why a lasting power of attorney is important.

I didn’t give it another thought, why should I I’m familiar with both PofAs to me it was all normal procedure and then one day someone made a point of mentioning it and I was angry. I still am. Why bother I had forgotten.

I’m not by any means an expert on the subject the above is what I’ve learned through working in offices and in care work, anyone reading this should if its important to them check the facts.

Janner had been in and out of the House of Lords for a couple of years after the lasting power of attorney was issued. He voted on major issues and each time he went there he claimed the daily rate and any expenses, and it hadn’t occurred to any of the staff in that luxurious somnolent place to be concerned that one of the lordships was not himself? Odd and once the trial is over something that should be looked into very carefully.

Are there more people in the House of Lords with lasting power of attorneys? As I explained above it means someone is unable to know or decide their own affairs but if they continue to go to the House of Lords that must mean they are apparently perfectly capable of dealing with the affairs of seventy million people? I think not.


There’s so little to say a young woman Farkhunda going about her daily life, being a devout Muslim she decided to go to the mosque and there got into a disagreement with a merchant selling charms, something Farkundha believed is un Islamic.

Maybe the merchant was impatient, didn’t want to argue with a woman or maybe he was just losing the argument, whatever the reason he began to shout that Farkundha was American and had burned a copy of the Koran. A mob gathered.

What followed is one of the most horrific, shameful attacks I’ve ever seen or heard of and it was all captured live on mobile phones. It seems however medieval some people are they all have the latest technology.

I’m totally Islamophobic but I don’t believe in such a situation Islam alone can be blamed for the actions of grown men and they were all men even the sixteen year old who actually left his place of work to join in the murder and is seen picking up and throwing a large rock on Farkhunda. His name is Yaqoob his defence is that Farkundha was already dead when he arrived at the scene and threw the rock.

I can’t remember the last time I cried watching a tv show, film or documentary, mainly I avoid anything gory particularly if its real people, but there is something about the assault and murder of Farkundha that held my attention. It was so barbaric, so unbelievable and yet there it was happening right in front of the camera.

People were outraged at her funeral Farkundha coffin was carried by women who would not allow men to touch her. It was the first show of defiance but it didn’t last long. Afghanistan has slipped back into the misogynistic, medieval slum the Russians, the west and worst of all the Taliban have made it.


There was an old pervert
Got caught & then lied
I don’t know why
He couldn’t be tried
Perhaps he’ll die

Too ill with dementia to turn up for his own trial. If he’s so ill would he know or care where he was? He must go to court to face the charges if he doesn’t it will set a very bad precedent not just for any future celebrities and politicians who may be charged with a crime but for everyone who is charged my goodness who wants to be in the dock anyway.

Not that Lord Greville Janner will be in the actual dock I expect he will be allowed even encouraged to sit with his lawyers or his family assuming any member of his family turn up they didn’t bother today but then it was all supposed to be wrapped up with him safe at home thankfully the chief magistrate had more backbone than most politicians.

Aaand who knows if the defence manage to drag the preliminaries out long enough the old perv may die before the actual trial of the facts can take place.

Enough with the Politically Correct Bollocks!

Yep, you can tell when a subject is gaining the upper ground and making an impact the politically correct arrive determined to silence anyone who speaks openly and in so doing they turn the subject whatever it is in the required less emotive direction.

The subject in this case is the rape and torture of children by organised paedophile rings or gangs over the last forty or more years. Many of the members of the gangs were politicians and other establishment figures who are now known to have had carte blanche and complete protection from the police and security services, others were teachers or priests and vicars, yet more were Pakistani or Bangladeshi immigrants who to be fair have been encouraged by the politically correct fascist left to believe they can behave in western countries in exactly the same way and using exactly the same law as they would in either Pakistan or Bangladesh.

At long last and much against the will of some senior MPs and public servants organised paedophilia is being openly talked about paedophile gangs in Westminster and other towns and cities are being investigated.

Naturally at this point the politically correct and usually left wing fascists arrive to grab as much of the lime light as possible and to bully the rest of us into using only those phrases and colours approved by themselves.

The good news is its a clear sign that the torture and rape of children is fully in the public domain. The bad news is that means its open season on hauling anyone who tells the plain unvarnished truth whatever its colour or religion either into line or out of all debate.

I know what that feels like but I also know that when the nationality and religion of abusers are known and publicly referred to that in itself encourages members of those communities to assert themselves. It helps to prevent further abuse in those communities who have been allowed almost encouraged to rape, assault and treat women and children with at best disdain and at worst continuing physical and sexual assault.

You can’t properly deal with child abuse unless you name it, own it and shame it out of existence and that means telling the truth about Bangladeshi, English, Pakistani, Scottish, Welsh and every other nationality. Sharia law says that if the girl has reached puberty sex with children is allowed that if a girl has not reached puberty the adult male may fondle her, that is serious sexual assault it must be openly acknowledged and eradicated from Sharia and the whole country.

Its not about race or religion there are still ongoing investigations into the Anglican and Catholic churches no one complains that mentioning either of those is racist and just recently Jehovah Witness religion has been shown to have concealed more than a thousand cases of child rape and assault over many years.

What has become apparent on social media sites is that some commenters are admired, some join together and form alliances and some are undoubtedly and despicably using the appalling tragedy that is child rape and torture to further their own careers, others are ridiculed and dismissed which is wrong all voices should be heard and respected doing that enables us all to see where those who are trying to close debate and shield offenders are lurking.

Stop with the racism its children that matter not the mealy mouthed words of the politically correct fascists who in some cities and towns have been content to allow the rape and torture of children to proceed unchallenged for many years.


America was built on the right to own guns not just one gun and not just one type. The constitution is very clear guns are to assist the people to challenge corrupt government. Guns are an integral part of the American constitution.

Hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of people in America own guns legally as is their right but that right is now being heavily challenged by what Americans loosely describe as left wing progressives they seem to think that if you take guns away from people honest enough to buy and register them legally you have solved the problem and cut the crime rate to nil.

How ludicrous, ignorant and typically left wing is that?

In a gun free country like the UK its far easier to get a gun illegally than it is to go through the song, dance and character investigation it takes to get one legally. You can I’m told and have read buy one for about a hundred pounds. Okay its probably not new and it may well have been used to commit serious crimes but a gun is for shooting right? It doesn’t need forms or permission particularly illegal guns.

In America some cities have designated themselves sanctuary cities this means that illegal immigrants will not be arrested and deported if they choose to go to a sanctuary city nor apparently will they be handed over to the federal authorities if they are wanted for crimes committed in America. Isn’t that nice and civilised of them.

Except. Recently a young girl walking with her father in one of these wonderful sanctuary cities was shot dead by an illegal immigrant who just happened to find a gun as he was strolling about free as a bird in a sanctuary city. Not surprisingly the girls distraught family are furious as are most people.

Aaand right on cue along come the liberal progressives to announce that its not the fault of the crazy, pompous, patronizing and as we now know dangerous sanctuary city authorities who could have handed the murderer over to federal authorities before he murdered anyone. Oh no its all the fault of the laws that allow Americans to own guns never mind that the particular gun the illegal immigrant used to commit murder was stolen its last legal owner having been an officer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Nancy Pelosi senior Democrat and political representative of the sanctuary city concerned has announced that ‘City policies are not the problem Guns are’. I have trouble believing anyone with half a working brain said it.

It is hundreds of years too late to ban guns in America. Guns are everywhere they are easier to get hold of illegally than guns in the UK. All banning guns would do is leave all the illegal weapons on the streets because you can bet your mortgage that very few of those will be handed in and leave all the law abiding citizens defenseless.

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi must be dreadful lying people as are all those who agree with them and who want to ban guns to law abiding people who may never use them for more than clay pigeon shooting or target practice at an authorised club.

In a country full of illegal weapons a legally owned gun is a sense of security a knowledge that if attacked you can fight back. If I lived in America I would own a gun and I would not hand it over to some smug git of a politician who is protected by would you believe heavily armed guards.

I could name the sanctuary city but what difference would that make all sanctuary cities are the same all put their law abiding citizens at risk by willfully refusing to deal with illegal immigrants which means they have no clue who or how dangerous some of their city inhabitants are.


Years ago pervert, pederast and paedophile Leon Brittan was shunted off to Europe He was to be a commissioner of something or other. The move was touted as a great opportunity a kind of promotion, but not to me I didn’t believe it nor I’m certain did many others who had heard the rumours and watched him wriggle.

He was caught. I thought at the time that the cabinet must have come to the conclusion he was too hot to hold so he was being booted out of the cabinet, the British parliament and the UK. He was sent off to extremely well paid anonymity in Europe and he did indeed fester there for some years. The Gods alone know what he did in his spare time while he was there.

The main stream media (MSM) had lost interest in him at a time when they should have been most alert to his crimes and that too was my first inkling that the MSM was not so much independent as obedient as long as it was in their own interest. The hue and cry died down and the paedophile and pederasts of the Westminster elite continued raping children as though they had never been interrupted.

Now much of it has been forced into the public arena again, the government has been forced to announce a historical inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. I think its true to say that many of us believe the inquiry has been nobbled from the start but it and its new chairperson deserve a chance to prove us wrong.

This latest furore is the successful result of five or six years effort by the Alternative Media who have led a sustained attack including persuading some victims to speak out. It has been a fantastic and at long last successful effort loaded with facts and now almost anything that comes out of the inquiry that is biased or in any way prejudiced can be immediately countered by the facts. The important thing is to keep up with the inquiry and thoroughly examine any and all evidence produced.

Inevitably the study, which is what for some it has become, of child sexual abuse is both harrowing and frightening we allowed it. We effectively stood by while blatant lies were told both in court and in parliament there is now no hiding place but what that means is those who study and observe CSA are wounded by it.

How do we deal with those wounds? Do we run to so called specialists or do we figure it out for ourselves as indeed most of the victims have had to do while we the selfishly ignorant public refused to acknowledge what we didn’t want to see?

I am to say the least sceptical of so called counselors if they get on the right gravy train its a nice little earner and think of the implications of that; counselors need victims of abuse or they don’t get paid its as simple as that, they also need to ‘cure’ the victims and how the hell they do that is anyones guess.

Every time anyone mentions a victim giving evidence the cry goes out to make sure they have the opportunity to receive counseling. Right. In fact I think its true to say that those victims of child sexual abuse who have come forward haven’t been looking for counseling they’ve been looking for justice and hoping that at long last they will receive it. I hope those who feel they need help receive it but its almost like having cold callers knocking on your door and trying to flog you the latest cure all.

Researching, studying, listening to victims is difficult but I don’t believe its made easier by going to a counselor. No counselor can change what happened nor can they offer anything more than acceptance of the past and move on to the future, but none of us can leave our past behind if there is no resolution no justice particularly those who have been so wounded by the actions of paedophiles and pederasts.

There is a place for counseling of course there is but arguably if you need to get counseling because you’re so traumatised by what others were forced to endure? You need to find a hobby that doesn’t include real life horror and real victims

I’m probably in a minority of one on this subject and frankly I don’t give a fuck If one child endured physical and emotional horrors I as an adult can damn well listen and be fully supportive without needing to run for help to get me through the pain someone else suffered. and I don’t lack imagination I would simply be as I am determined to speak out at every opportunity. Many dislike my attitude Hey they disliked it from the start. I aint going nowhere: Get used to it.