The Good Republican

It was on Spotlight last night.  A northern Ireland documentary series it was naturally interested in the recent judgement in the south against Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy for tax evasion.

The entire show was devoted to Tom Murphy’s alleged republican past its still alleged because there’s no actual evidence he was in the IRA I think that’s important. There is a lost libel case, there was a statement from Eamonn Collins there’s the murder of Eamonn Collins but there’s no suggestion Tom Murphy had anything to do with the murder and none of it is proof of membership of the IRA.

Eamonn Collins was a grass he should have run but he chose not to and his very presence would be an open wound to people who care about things like that.

Enough of unproven allegations about the IRA I don’t support the IRA. I don’t like the IRA. I support fair trials for everyone, there’s so much wrong with the arrest and trial of Tom Murphy it makes me wonder and it makes me angry.

If I were a big time smuggler of contraband of whatever description the first thing I would do is make sure I had a safe place. A priests hole, secret cave, false basement. Anything that would do to house my ill gotten gains.

Tom Murphy no fool and no amateur didn’t do any of that. He put his wealth, or some of it, in black plastic sacks in a barn and that says to me Mr Murphy was not expecting unwelcome or inquisitive visitors.

Did someone lie to him? Did a government or its officers renege on a deal to let Tom Murphy continue as its alleged he always had? If so I think the green light to investigate Tom Murphy was from within the British and/or Irish governments (for those who care that’s alphabetical order)

It would do no good in the first instance of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement for the British or Irish to give their word independently of each other. It had to be agreed by both sides and presumably any betrayal had also to be agreed.

I despise those people who forget their friends as soon as its convenient to do so. I dislike those who return favours with betrayal and I feel contempt for those who make promises in order to achieve something and once it is achieved renege on their promise, their given word.

And so Mr Murphy was arrested and charged with tax evasion and here what is merely slightly hold your nose nauseating becomes sickening in its hypocrisy. Mr Murphy was denied a trial of his peers and made to endure a trial with no jury.

Tax evasion is a crime against the state. It had to be, as all crimes are, investigated by the state it had to be prosecuted by the state and the judge is a state appointee.

No jury in a trial against the state. No mention of the unease all states feel at the presence of more than their own army. No mention that disabling and disarming such an army would be a priority for every government.

Its all very sleazy and whether or not you think Mr Murphy deserves sleaze is irrelevant because the law doesn’t. The law must shine or its not the law its just a bigger gang than the other guys.


Westminster/Kincora child sex abuse: missing files resurface – we fill in the gaps


Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Leon Brittan & Sir Peter Hayman: all named in latest document

Yesterday the UK Government revealed a document (see link below) that showed that files pertaining to allegations of child sex abuse have resurfaced after many believed they had been destroyed. These files are referred to in correspondence with Sir Peter Wanless, who chaired an Inquiry into certain aspects of these allegations. That all the establishment figures named in the files are dead may explain why it has taken so long for them to be ‘discovered’. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, has made it clear that although the files reference child sex abuse at the Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland, Kincora will remain excluded from the Goddard Inquiry into historic child sex abuse. What is particularly interesting about the document as a whole is that by releasing it the Government finally admits that the allegations…

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I Like Blogging

Even after six years and a hell of a lot of abuse I do still enjoy writing posts and reading other blogs, and I do read them. I probably follow a couple of hundred and whilst I don’t read them all every day I read several especially if the whole post is in the email.

I don’t think I’ve ever stopped following a blog and I can’t imagine that I would. Its not the sort of thing I would do. I might be a difficult person and I may not agree with every subject but reaching out sharing opinions and ideas is what to me blogging is about

I guess we all follow blogs for several reasons among mine are that I enjoy reading, I like to read different opinions and I do credit many with being more knowledgeable on subjects than I am which is not exactly hard in any case.

I follow several witchcraft blogs but I’m afraid as far as I’m concerned many of them have lost credibility ,many are Wiccan which to me is like half a loaf, but whichever path they follow they’re all too commercialised and most seem very Americanized. I find that irritating and boring. Some I don’t trust at all but I know who they are and how easy it would be to deal with them.

Of course being me I follow several political blogs I’ve gone off most on the left of politics they’re usually the politically correct ones and they’re always full of their own self importance and censorship. It gets wearing after a while particularly when you realise their interest is self interest.

My favourite blogs are about nature, animals and the universe. I love those who doesn’t like to see and learn about animals, flowers, landscapes and our fantastic and intriguing stars.

The hardest blogs are the ones about child abuse and they are the ones I read the most. I don’t like them much but that’s because the blog owners go to a lot of effort to get their facts right and those facts are always about children who have been hurt and who hurt them.

Within what you might call the child abuse section there are a few that seem more obsessed with their own private and not so private vendettas real or fake I think those vendettas threaten the credibility of campaigners against child abuse and to me that is selfish and counter productive.

Some blogs I read because I know the writer isn’t who he/she says and what they write is to say the least untrue. I read those regularly to keep an eye on what they’re up to and to catch their mistakes, and sadly it has to be said I do regard every blog with a degree of suspicion, just this morning I’ve read two I wouldn’t trust out of my sight and that’s without even starting on the Zionist ones. If they tell the truth on a subject its the only thing they tell the truth about.

There it is the many and varied reasons I have for blogging, reading and even disliking blogs

It just occurred to me that I don’t follow any art blogs I think its for the same reason I would never stop following a blog. Painting is more personal than writing and whilst I feel I can disagree with a written subject without offence, and with indifference if the writer is offended, because the subject is separate from the person. I don’t think that’s true of painting so I doubt its possible to critique or disagree with paintings without hurting the artist. Aren’t they the lucky ones…



Umm, its a long, long time since I had an IQ test from what I remember its not your usual reading, riting and rithmetic. Its more kindof squiggle, dash and see if that fits and from that you can see that if I took an IQ test today it would probably be around minus something serious.

I don’t know from IQ tests. I’m not sure how valid or important they are and nor am I at all sure that they can be applied to people who may not have not had the luxury of even the most basic education.

In theory of course its possible but in practice when you’re dealing with the poorest people on the planet, those whose every waking thought has to be of where the next meal is coming from is it really fair to expect them to approach an IQ test with anything like the same, experiences, knowledge, enthusiasm or even trepidation as people from more secure, better educated and more structured countries?

I’m not sure it is, what I know is I don’t like the idea of it. In the first place an IQ test as far as I know is pretty much a western construct and whichever way you look at that you better also look at it as European in origin.

In countries like India, every bit as intelligent as the west, there are whole levels even an entire bottom level of people who are not only not educated, their entire family history will be comprised of people who were not educated because the caste system does not expect or want its bottom rung to better itself. Such people struggle to survive and if you ask me their success at surviving is a pretty good indication of IQ level.

Africa, the whole continent not this or that bit of it, has thousands of miles and even more people who live in the kind of conditions that make theory ridiculous, many may not thrive but against the greatest odds they do survive and that too is an indication of IQ level.

China and Japan could take the glorious European idea of its own IQ level and clean the cats litter tray with it.

And, frankly the whole of South America could care less, some parts are well educated, some are not and a few lucky ones have never seen a European predator, but they have got pyramids and temples going back thousands of years, they need no IQ lessons from Europeans.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t trust the idea of IQ tests being used to gauge the intelligence levels of entire populations. Of course I could start on a breakdown of the numbers of people tested, their education etc. etc. but that would be playing the European game.






Darren, Nick and, maybe, Esther

A stranger who rapes a child and runs away is a dangerous person who must be caught but he/she is not grooming a child.

child sexual abuse in the home, schools, church, care homes and clubs is also child grooming and it maybe the grooming of a child does longer lasting psychological harm than the actual rape. It must be that almost the first thing a groomed child learns is to want to please his/her attacker because the alternative maybe very painful even fatal and the abuse will happen anyway.

The experiences of Darren and Nick were told on Exaro News. Each approached Exaro and explained their abuse to the reporters who sent them to the police and then published their stories on their website. The same applies to Esther.

Exaro News should have done their own research made a full investigation into the background and previous record of Darren, Nick and Esther, had they done so it would mean that two thorough investigations had taken place and that would give police and public more confidence in what was reported.

I don’t know if Exaro did investigate these survivors of child sexual abuse there are allegations that they did not and if that is true it is a serious lapse of professional standards but it does not in itself prevent or infringe the law.

The police are another matter the evidence they need is far more stringent than that required by journalists who for example can accept hearsay and probability. The police can’t do that they need corroboration , actual evidence that can be put before a court and if as so often happens in child sexual abuse cases they don’t get it the allegations will not even get as far as criminal charges.

Survivors of child sexual abuse are vulnerable people those who suffered years of abuse were also forcefully trained to please their abusers.

Its unfair and wrong to call a victim of child sexual abuse a fantasist and its wrong to say Exaro shouldn’t have published the allegations. Exaro are the very reason so much attention is now being given to child sexual abuse and its many victims.

In many ways for survivors of child grooming and child abuse the investigation into an allegation must be as bad and maybe worse than the abuse itself. Each occasion must be relived and explained to the police and media in great detail.

It must take survivors on a journey in time and in that journey they must relive pain and humiliation, maybe they also re experience the original grooming method and the need to avoid punishment by pleasing their abuser

It could be anyone in a position of authority who reopens unhealed wounds also reopens untreated grooming.I’m not sure how much is known about the long terms affect of child grooming. It seems obvious to me that its a form of among other things brain washing. It therefore surely follows that whilst some may recover fully from being groomed others will deeply buried in locked down memory carry the fear and the need to obey and please their abuser.

I may return to this subject but all I want to do for now is highlight something for myself that probably everyone already knows and recognises.I hope Darren, Nick, Esther and all victims of abuse find healing, justice, peace and contentment in their lives.

PC culture ‘ignores abuse of women’

Excellent article and so long overdue. Its come to something when even so called feminists are willing to sacrifice womens rights to Islam and the politically correct drivel of multiculturalism

Rotherham Politics

PC culture ‘ignores abuse of women’

Handwringing liberals have focused too much on multiculturalism and failed to speak out against forced marriage and other abuses against women, according to the chairwoman of a government review on integration.

Louise Casey said last night that political correctness had led to people forgetting to talk about equal rights for women. “I am not happy that women growing up in this country are not treated as equals by everyone,” she told a meeting at Policy Exchange, the centre-right think tank. “This is not a Muslim issue. It is an equality issue.”

On forced marriages, Ms Casey, who is due to produce the first findings of the review in March, said: “They bloody happen. They are appalling. We let some of them happen because we are so wrapped up in political correctness, in wanting a multicultural Britain, that we forgot to talk about equality, we…

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Taharrush: Dune Coon Asylum Seekers Play the “Rape Game” Across Europe

Its not hard to find the criminals security cameras are everywhere, police should stop payments to ‘refugees’, go into known places and camps and arrest all who match the pictures. It has to be done to establish and maintain priority of home culture and the rights of women



Here’s a short excerpt from a longer piece researched and written by the Organic Prepper, Daisy Luther. It puts together diverse threads relating to Muslim attacks on white women in Europe.

I’m going to keep posting these stories because so many fools in Europe still believe the Muslim attacks are isolated or due to the unwelcoming attitude of some Europeans. They willfully refuse to believe that Islam is evil and that the “race” of Middle Easterners is genetically corrupted to favor violence.

Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

Taharrush, also known as the rape game, is common in countries where women are not valued as human beings, but considered property. Taharrush is all just a big game, unless you happen to be the target of it. The phrase “taharrush gamea” loosely translates to “collective harassment” and it could explain a lot about what has been happening all over Europe.

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It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men… Sweden’s record is shameful

Peace and Freedom

Stockholm police were warned not to give descriptions of the perpetrators lest they were accused of being racist

By Ivar Arpi

16 January 2016


It took days for police to acknowledge the extent of the mass attacks on women celebrating New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The Germans were lucky; in Sweden, similar attacks have been taking place for more than a year and the authorities are still playing catch up. Only now is the truth emerging, both about the attacks and the cover-ups. Stefan Löfven, our Prime Minister, has denounced a ‘double betrayal’ of women and has promised an investigation. But he ought to be asking this: what made the police and even journalists cover up the truth?

The answer can be discovered in the reaction to the Cologne attacks…

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Care Work

I wrote the post below about two weeks ago and I just want to update it because I think something important was left out.

I don’t believe its possible to physically abuse a client in a care home without other staff members knowing about it, many clients are capable of speech, there could be bruises, there might well be obvious signs of fear. I do believe that if one member of staff is abusing a client then many if not all members of staff know.

It doesn’t matter if most staff are good, kind, caring people who treat all clients with dignity and respect. If they do nothing when a client is being mistreated they are party to the abuse.

Its exactly the same as the old church schools and Magdalene laundries all the nuns, monks, priests and vicars, not to mention the authorities, must have known and done nothing except conceal it.

So in all cases of abuse in care homes the entire home should be examined very carefully.

Working in a care home is not easy. Its not just playing or cleaning. People can have multiple problems everything from major physical disability to profound learning difficulties and sometimes combinations of both.

There has recently been a trial in Castlebar concerning care assistants who were charged with abusing some of the people in their charge. I don’t want to talk about them or the trial, which by the way is finished, but I do want to explain a little about care work.

I worked in a care home for about five years and I loved it. I loved the residents they were wonderful people and yes I had favourites we all did, but in those five years I never saw a resident ill treated or one resident treated more favourably than another. Its really not that kind of work.

You get to know the residents and much of the work is housework which has to be done around and in between times with each client.

A lot of the work is fun and very emotionally rewarding its a great pleasure to know you are helping someone you have grown to like and if some are incontinent that is not as difficult as maybe in years gone by it used to be, everything is disposable and we all wear gloves and protective clothing. Not overalls and not all the time its not that kind of environment.

It is very hard work, there’s some quite heavy lifting or maneuvering and a lot of bending, Its very tiring, long days, although, except for training I almost always did night work, and it has to be said there are times when regardless of which shift you are on things happen that would try the patience of a saint.

Under no circumstances are staff allowed to get physical or aggressive and yet its sometimes very difficult to maintain the same calm, friendly attitude when a client is behaving very badly.

My worst experience was with client A a man of about forty with quite severe learning difficulties but no physical disabilities. A could be quite temperamental and bad tempered. He had reasonable speech but he couldn’t add or subtract and didn’t know the difference between one penny and one pound.

One evening at about 9 pm A worked himself into a temper I’m not sure why he was angry there doesn’t have to be a reason or maybe there is and its a sense of frustration. A dimly understood knowledge that he had little or no choice in his life.

This particular evening A stomped into the dining room and stood, and stood. Apart from putting the other five clients to bed as they each grew tired I virtually stopped all real work and pretended to be busy in the kitchen which was right next door to the dining room, every now and then I would call to A to come and get a cup of tea. He didn’t.

Until 3 am when he marched out of the dining room hugged me and went to bed.

I was on my own with five other severely disabled people who by then had been in bed for about three hours.

All the work had to be done it couldn’t be left for the day staff they would be busy and who knew what crisis they might have to deal with.

I didn’t get angry but I did get worried. The difference between night and day shift is the number of staff on duty. There was one other carer in another ‘house’ and that was it had I been attacked I would have been hurt, but I couldn’t call for help for a situation that lasted six hours and no one should have forced A to go to bed he was an adult if he wanted to watch tv or stand in the dining room all night that was and should be up to him.

Care workers are all ordinary people and sometimes people do get angry including clients. Its very easy to take a situation personally and to think in terms of like and dislike. As I’ve said we all had our favourites but that didn’t interfere with the work or show in our treatment of clients.

Its hard work and long hours, a twelve hour shift is or was about the average. In those hours moods and frustrations happen, you just have to hang on or call for someone else to help or take over. Maybe sometimes some of us lose control for a second. Most often its not deliberate and surely if someone has been pushed too far a split second reaction with no harm done is understandable.

If however the action is violent and premeditated whoever is responsible for such an act should be instantly dismissed, banned from care work for life and depending on the offence possibly face criminal charges

Don’t ever think care work is all cleaning that’s kind of the least important bit of it. Care work is about caring for people at the most basic human level whilst maintaining and encouraging clients to learn to behave, to do everyday things and to feel at home in a place that should be but never can be their home.


I should have said, and it is very important, that all staff have the means to get help if it should be necessary. While A was going off on one in the dining room I was in the kitchen which true enough is next door to the dining room its also where the emergency phone just happens to be…And I had my own mobile phone in my pocket just in case.

Never lose sight of your own vulnerability but don’t turn a home into a prison either.


Paedophilia around Piccadilly Part 3 -Timeline of a Child Rapist 2 – Roger Gleaves

cathy fox blog

Roger Gleaves aka Roger Charles Gleaves aka Roger Charles Augustine Gleaves, aka Rt Rev Roger Gleaves, aka Roger C Gleaves, aka Cadet Sergeant Major Gleaves, aka Count di Giglio, aka Bishop of Medway, aka Vicar-General of Old Catholic Church in Great Britain,  aka Rupert- General Secretary of the Independent Voluntary Ambulance Corps aka Evans aka Adam Smiths is a serial child rapist.

To the papers he was often known as the Bogus Bishop and by Justice MacKenna as “a cruel and wicked man”.  He became known to the public from the TV programme Johnny Go Home, broadcast in July 1975 to 10 million viewers and the subsequent book.

His method of working was simple. At night he trawled around Euston Station, Piccadilly Station and Victoria Coach Station in his Bishops regalia.

bishop medway

He found runaways who needed a bed for the night. He put them up in one of his 20…

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Christmas Day

It is Christmas Day in the Workhouse,
And the cold bare walls are bright
With garlands of green and holly,
And the place is a pleasant sight:
For with clean-washed hands and faces,
In a long and hungry line
The paupers sit at the tables
For this is the hour they dine.
And the guardians and their ladies,
Although the wind is east,
Have come in their furs and wrappers,
To watch their charges feast;
To smile and be condescending,
Put pudding on pauper plates,
To be hosts at the workhouse banquet
They’ve paid for – with their rates.

Oh, the paupers are meek and lowly
With their ‘Thank’ee kindly, mum’s’
So long as they fill their stomachs,
What matter it whence it comes?
But one of the old men mutters,
And pushes his plate aside:
‘Great God!’ he cries; ‘but it chokes me!
For this is the day she died.’

The guardians gazed in horror,
The master’s face went white;
‘Did a pauper refuse the pudding?’
Could their ears believe aright?
Then the ladies clutched their husbands,
Thinking the man would die,
Struck by a bolt, or something,
By the outraged One on high.

But the pauper sat for a moment,
Then rose ‘mid a silence grim,
For the others had ceased to chatter
And trembled in every limb.
He looked at the guardians’ ladies,
Then, eyeing their lords, he said,
‘I eat not the food of villains
Whose hands are foul and red:

‘Whose victims cry for vengeance
From their dank, unhallowed graves.’
‘He’s drunk!’ said the workhouse master,
‘Or else he’s mad and raves.’
‘Not drunk or mad,’ cried the pauper,
‘But only a hunted beast,
Who, torn by the hounds and mangled,
Declines the vulture’s feast.

‘Keep your hands off me, curse you!
Hear me right out to the end.
You come here to see how paupers
The season of Christmas spend.
You come here to watch us feeding,
As they watch the captured beast.
Hear why a penniless pauper
Spits on your paltry feast.

‘Do you think I will take your bounty,
And let you smile and think
You’re doing a noble action
With the parish’s meat and drink?
Where’s my wife, you traitors –
The poor old wife you slew?
Yes, by the God above us,
My Nance was killed by you!

‘Last winter my wife lay dying,
Starved in a filthy den;
I had never been to the parish, –
I came to the parish then.
I swallowed my pride in coming,
For, ere the ruin came,
I held up my head as a trader,
And I bore a spotless name.

‘I came to the parish, craving
Break for a starving wife,
Bread for the woman who’d loved me
Through fifty years of life;
And what do you think they told me,
Mocking my awful grief?
That ‘the House’ was open to us,
But they wouldn’t give ‘out relief.’

‘I slunk to the filthy alley –
‘Twas a cold, raw Christmas eve –
And the bakers’ shops were open,
Tempting a man to thieve;
But I clenched my fists together,
Holding my head awry,
So I came to her empty-handed
And mournfully told her why.

‘Then I told her ‘the House’ was open;
She had heard of the ways of that,
For her bloodless cheeks went crimson,
And up in her rags she sat,
Crying, ‘Bide the Christmas here, John,
We’ve never had one apart;
I think I can bear the hunger, –
The other would break my heart.’

‘All through that eve I watched her,
Holding her hand in mine,
Praying the Lord, and weeping,
Till my lips were salt as brine.
I asked her once if she hungered,
And as she answered ‘No,’
The moon shone in at the window
Set in a wreath of snow.

‘Then the room was bathed in glory,
And I saw in my darling’s eyes
The far-away look of wonder
That comes when the spirit flies;
And her lips were parched and parted,
And her reason came and went,
For she raved of our home in Devon,
Where our happiest years were spent.

‘And the accents long forgotten,
Came back to the tongue once more,
For she talked like the country lassie
I woo’d by the Devon shore.
Then she rose to her feet and trembled,
And fell on the rags and moaned,
And, ‘Give me a crust – I’m famished –
For the love of God!’ she groaned.

‘I rushed from the room like a madman,
And flew to the workhouse gate,
Crying, ‘Food for a dying woman!’
And the answer came, ‘Too late.’
They drove me away with curses;
Then I fought with a dog in the street,
And tore from the mongrel’s clutches
A crust he was trying to eat.

‘Back, through the filthy by-lanes!
Back, through the trampled slush!
Up to the crazy garret,
Wrapped in an awful hush.
My heart sank down at the threshold,
And I paused with a sudden thrill,
For there in the silv’ry moonlight
My Nance lay, cold and still.

‘Up to the blackened ceiling
The sunken eyes were cast –
I knew on those lips all bloodless
My name had been the last;
She’d called for her absent husband –
O God! had I but known! –
Had called in vain, and in anguish
Had died in that den – alone.

‘Yes, there, in a land of plenty,
Lay a loving woman dead,
Cruelly starved and murdered
For a loaf of the parish bread.
At yonder gate, last Christmas,
I craved for a human life.
You, who would feast us paupers,
What of my murdered wife!

‘There, get ye gone to your dinners;
Don’t mind me in the least;
Think of the happy paupers
Eating your Christmas feast;
And when you recount their blessings
In your smug parochial way,
Say what you did for me, too,
Only last Christmas Day.’

The last resort of the desperate and as time wore on increasingly for the elderly and disabled. The last vestige of the poor laws disappeared in 1948. It may seem as if Workhouses belong in the ancient past but 1948 is less than a hundred years. Not so long ago at all.

This and That

I tried telling myself I could leave it ’til later but its Christmas how much later is allowed? Not enough is the answer. I walked into town and frankly on a dull, grey, blustery day its a boring walk not one redeeming feature.

Oh well, once in town it did get a bit better I went into the bank there wasn’t a queue and this always brightens my mood. Not enough after all I am still in town but at least I don’t have to queue for the privilege of paying in or taking out my own money, there is much to be said for keeping your wealth under the mattress or if there’s a danger getting into such a bed would be like climbing Mount Everest put it in a hay shed for who would ever look there…..

I really haven’t kept up with whatever Mr Murphy has been doing in his spare time but and its just my opinion, I reckon you’d need oxygen to get to the top of E800,000.

Not the point! Tom Murphy did not get a fair trial. I don’t care about excuses the state was the victim, the investigator, the prosecution, the judge and the jury and that no matter who is on trial is wrong.

I digress! I was in town never a pleasant experience for me and its hardly my fault if standing at the cash desk I couldn’t help but notice that my balance is less than E800,000 by about E799,900 and the bank charges for what its pleased to call its services. Huh! There’s a lot to be said for hay sheds or in my case a sock…

However needs must and I hobbled off, hips giving me gyp, to do my shopping which I kept to a minimum because I wasn’t in the mood, would you believe the people in the second shop I went into knew my name? They did. I don’t know how they knew I don’t know any of their names. Its not that they are unpleasant they’re all very nice people but they know my name and I’d had enough. I went home.

Greville Janner

Has finally died. How relieved some of his friends and fellow paedophiles in the establishment must be.

In 1991  in a court case involving notorious paedophile Frank Beck, Janner then an MP, was accused of sexually abusing a boy. He denied it and won. Following the trial Janner made a speech in parliament and received a standing ovation from fellow MPs. His friend and colleague Keith Vaz MP was so impressed he tried to get the law changed.

In 2009 Child Sexual Abuse was in the headlines again and thanks in large part to the power of the internet and the determination of victims and their supporters it was clear Child Sexual Abusers were being pursued as never before. The victims of paedophiles discovered they had more support than they had previously been aware of and they grew in number, strength and confidence.

In 2009, coincidence? Greville Janner was found to be suffering from dementia. A Lasting Power of Attorney was applied for and he put his assets out of reach. But however demented he was he didn’t stop attending the House of Lords he appeared some 203 time after the diagnosis was made and was paid each time. The total being more than a £100,000

Janner only stopped going to the House of Lords in December 2013 which is when sheer coincidence again, I’m sure…His home was searched by police who were apparently finally shamed into doing their job.

Janner spent years wriggling out of accusations of Child Sexual Abuse the last time being just a month or so ago when he was declared unfit to stand trial.

All of the victims of Lord Janner were young boys as many as twenty two were said to be witnesses if the trial went ahead and six were taking civil action through the courts.

And now Greville Janner is dead. He was eighty seven.

Al Capone…..

Alphonse Gabriel Capone was leader of a mafia gang in Chicago. He was a notorious gangster and the equally notorious Chicago mayor and chief of police of the time did nothing to stop his reign of what was called terror.

In 1931 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) failing to find evidence of any other crime prosecuted Al Capone for tax evasion. He was found guilty and sentenced to eleven years in prison. I’ve no idea what happened to the corrupt mayor or the equally corrupt police chief but I wouldn’t be surprised to find they lived to respectable and very wealthy old age.

Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy is alleged to be the chief of staff of the IRA Irish Republican Army (spit). We don’t know this for sure because there’s no evidence or even definite allegations which no doubt explains why Tom Murphy was charged with, of all things in Ireland: tax evasion.

You know what? Charges against both Capone and Murphy  were measly, cowardly and in the case of Ireland downright reeking of hypocrisy.

I’m no supporter of the IRA. I do believe in a united Ireland but I don’t think its worth killing for. I think murdering people delays unity and increases the distrust and suspicion of both sides. And, I’ve no time for Tom Murphy either if the Irish government were to charge him with the murder of however many people I would fully support it but that’s not what happened.

Tom Murphy is a very powerful and at the moment still rich man, for all I know he may well have fiddled taxes and been involved with various other not quite legal money making enterprises that’s not the point.

The point is Ireland went bankrupt because of the alleged corruption of various politicians, bankers and property developers and the Irish authorities full of righteous indignation charge one man apparently unconnected to AIB, NAMA or Bankers, with of all things tax evasion.

How many bankers have been charged, how many corrupt politicians took nice big brown envelopes padded with cash and how many property developers are sitting in luxury mansions free as a bird and not even questioned much less charged with any crime?

Whatever else he is Tom Murphy is not Al Capone. He is and has always been a loyal member of the poxy IRA. He had a major role in the peace negotiations indeed it could be said that without him there would have been no Good Friday or if you’re Unionist Belfast agreement.

And he is charged and found guilty of tax evasion, and I find myself defending Tom ‘Slab’ Murphy. Not because I like him or the scumbags in the IRA. I just can’t stand the eye watering hypocrisy of it. Because would you believe it it was a no jury also known as Diplock trial! So, the state charged someone with offences against the state and the trial was tried and judged by the state.

I’ve never been against Diplock trials I believe the proliferation of gangs means Diplock trials are likely to increase not decrease, but there’s reason in all things and if anyone is to be charged with a crime against bureaucracy to have any credibility at all the trial must be by jury. 

You really could not make this shit up. Its not even fucking original.

What’s in a Name?

Child Sexual Abuse is not the same as rape although obviously it includes rape but it also includes much more. Often its not a stranger and not in some alley or quiet street or park. Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) happens in places a child should feel safe: the home, school, clubs are places where some of the very people we should be able to trust fail so many children.

Late last evening I read something that angered me. It seems the governments much admired £4.85 million earmarked for victims of CSA didn’t get to many actual CSA charities it went here and there much of it to Rape Crisis Groups and I have a problem with that.

As the figures were mentioned on Twitter a member or supporter of Rape Crisis appeared and said to the effect Why not, what’s in a name?

There’s a great deal in a name, most adult rapes fall into three or four categories 1) date rape 2) domestic abuse) 3) Someone we know 4) A stranger we encounter outside our home or a home invader. There are variations but those are the main groups rapists fall into. And, they have very little to do with CSA To deal with the trauma of CSA the treatment has to be far more in depth and specialised than that provided for victims of adult rape.

Child sexual abuse is more likely to be long term rather than a sudden abduction. Its more likely to be a family member, a close friend of the family or someone automatically respected by parents like a teacher or a coach. All rape involves emotional psychological and mental damage but in every case the harm done to children has to be much greater and longer lasting than the harm done to adults. Adults have much more experience of life and trust and much more sexual experience, maybe domestic abuse is the closest comparison but again its done to an adult by someone they know and have very much more experience of than a child possibly could. To me it seems the connection between CSA and adult rape is very thin and assuming such a connection could do more harm than good to the child victim even if the child victim is an adult when they receive counseling.

Rape Crisis Groups are good for women but are they as good even for men? How many men rape victims go to or even contact Rape Crisis groups the very name sounds female and whilst in time men may find it easier to talk to women about rape I believe it does take time.

For children it must be almost unimaginable to even consider rape crisis as an option. So I think names do matter and I think specialist professional CSA counselors should have got the bulk of the funding. I also think that the main reason child sexual abuse survivor groups didn’t get the funding is a) controversy surrounding some groups and b) the good counseling groups won’t necessarily toe the establishment line, why would they most were founded because of the lack of appropriate counseling and total lack of establishment support for CSA victims.

So for the most part the government have given a lot of money to established groups who they know will behave in a satisfactory manner which means stay within government guide lines and most important of all be the soul of discretion.

None of which is necessarily in the best interest of child victims.

I’ve said before that counseling irritates me much of it is new, lacks proper training and like so many charitable organisations almost all of it is money orientated. Not too long ago CSA was rarely if ever mentioned there seemed to be an unwritten law, a taboo about even admitting it happened. The first chink of light was I think the exposure of child abusing priests and nuns in the Roman Catholic Church in the USA and Ireland, slowly after that the floodgates began to open. At which point CSA became a subject of financial interest to some groups.

I think names matter specialist child sexual abuse counselors are essential, Money allocated for victims of child sexual abuse should only go to qualified professional specialist child sexual abuse counselors if not then yet again children will lose.

This is just my opinion and I’m no expert but I do think its an important subject because it maybe that this time not all the money allocated to victims of CSA has gone to them, much of it may well be used to provide counseling therapy for adult victims of rape which is in one way a good thing but in another more important way its very bad.


Its in the press on TV and its everywhere on Social Media. Bullying and bullies the two top trendy words and possibly the most misunderstood subject ever.

It bothers me because by continually using the word to describe trivial events we devalue the meaning to such an extent it becomes a nothing almost meaningless and who ever suffers from anything that is almost meaningless?

Bullying is not one blog post or one insult  however wounding nor is it a squabble on Twitter or Facebook, all can cause great harm but neither are full on bullying which should lead us to ask: so what is bullying?

Here is a definition from Wikipedia

Jump to Definitions – Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict.

Bullying is never a one off argument between peers every living being grows up with and among arguments that’s not bullying not even if you lose the argument.

Bullying is, whatever the experts say, long term. Its a form of character assassination and its a form of imposed servitude similar to slavery. You can run away from it for a time but you can’t escape it. In the end you have to face it and deal with it.

The way we deal with bullying varies and can take years. Bullying can wreck our school years because its impossible to escape the school environment. It can force us to move jobs to escape a bully who is impossible to subdue any other way and in some tragic cases the escape can be suicide.

No one commits suicide because of a one off verbal or physical assault. The assault that leads to suicide is done over time, often involving others and always involving pain emotional and physical and humiliation.

The answer?

I really don’t know. Oh, I know the obvious ones we all know those and we also know they don’t always work, some schools seem willfully blind to bullying and some work places actually promote bullies because they see them as driven and driver of people and those firms also refuse to recognise the results of bullying.

Bullying is everywhere even in communities the nasty gossip between neighbours and very often church goers because few bullies are worse than the pious, sanctimonious but oh so respectable church goer.

No, bullying is not a slanging match on Twitter or Facebook  although they have been known to be an extension of or the start of bullying and neither Twitter or Facebook can end bullying that can only come from recognition outside the bullying crowd and from within the bullies.

Often a bully is a weak envious person almost anything they envy is a subconscious reason to hate someone, they see hurting their victim as a way of taking what they envy their victim for and with the advantage as they see it of affirming their own status and popularity within their peer group.

Ending bullying is not a simple or easy thing to do possibly the only way is to find out what is the bullies underlying problem because there will be at least one and if it can’t be found the bully can’t be stopped s/he can only be moved and wherever they go they will take the tendency with them.

In the end both bully and victim are in a shared pain but only by treating the bully can the pain be cured.

Living with Lies

Its not one case of emperors clothes the lies are naked and they are everywhere.

A Tory MP is said to be involved in selling and distributing ISIS oil and no doubt making yet another million. Is it front page news, does anyone care, has he resigned? It doesn’t seem so, and as I write this post he has not.

Another Tory MP receives an email criticizing and insulting her  what does she do? Report it as abusive, send a reply to the author of the email giving him precise instructions as to where he can put his email? She does not. She adds a threat to kill her to the senders email, publishes it and, as anyone with a double digit IQ could have told her, is immediately caught. Does she resign, is she sacked? No she does not, and again not as far as I know.

A Labour MP, quite a senior one, publishes a threatening, insulting email he says he received but which on cursory examination appears to have been written by himself or by someone with access to his online account. Has he resigned? Of course not.

The chancellor of the exchequer is accused of consorting with prostitutes and taking drugs. His accuser publishes incriminating pictures and some more decidedly odd pictures are published including of him  in the House of Commons. Does he resign, is he sacked? The answer is very straightforward NO and NO.

The Prime minister is said to have performed a sex act on a dead pigs head in order to be accepted into some dining club or other. Does he resign? He does NOT

A terrorist army called ISIS are committing mass murder and invading countries in the name of their god but we are told not to call them ISIS which is their name and Islamic and we mustn’t call Islamic State terrorists Islamic because it might offend Muslims. In the meantime ISIS not the preferred and very pc Daesh are continuing to rape and murder anyone who doesn’t fit their opinion of the ideal Muslim.

On a lighter but no less irritating note some rubbish rag or other is doing its ‘Woman of the Year’ award and who is prominent among the nominations? None other than Caitlyn Jenner who as far as I know has not as yet completed the medical transformation of male to female. However anyone thinking the presence of dangly bits should prevent a) the nomination or b) any chance of winning is wrong. The dangly bits were still attached when earlier this year ‘she’ won another ‘Woman of the Year’ award.

We are not just ignoring hypocrisy we are wallowing in it, anyone unwise enough to object is condemned as racist, insulted unmercifully and held up as an object of ridicule.

I would just like to know when we sunk this low and how did we all manage to miss the total lack of oxygen?

Is it all Smoke and Mirrors


About six months ago those who follow child sexual abuse (CSA) time lines were alarmed to read that a prominent victim  and supporter of victims of CSA had been taken ill, there were some tantalizingly vague tweets about her state of health and loads of good will messages. In time it was whispered to be  a failed suicide attempt but not to worry the crisis was over and the victim was feeling much better. All good healthy stuff. Or was it.

This past week there has been a kind of coup one forum of CSA victim supporters has recreated itself installed new members, dismissed its chairman and created a new one. It has apparently been a very nasty, hurtful process, and guess what? One of its leading movers and shakers is the poor woman who attempted suicide and who in shoving all opposition aside has shown the kind of ruthless streak few of us would have believed possible in one so wounded.

A failed suicide who apparently works whilst being on Twitter virtually 24/7 I’m impressed. Or I would be if I believed a word of it.

She may have attempted suicide how could I know? What can I say I can’t be sure she did or that she even wrote any tweets. I hope she is an intelligent, capable woman because I do believe she may be what the media love to refer to as a useful idiot.

She has made a number of allegations and on this I do believe her which doesn’t mean I believe the allegations will get as far as official charges never mind a trial. All too often allegations of child sexual abuse fail not because they are not true but because there is a lack of physical evidence. Its very sad for everyone and for the victims of child sexual abuse it must be agonising

Its a pity then that all the angst and suffering of the many genuine victims of child sexual abuse including her is added to by the apparently never ending hate fest going on between different factions of victims supporters groups on Twitter, maybe its someones shrill and silly idea to keep the subject in the public arena, but if it is its in grave danger of turning people against the real victims of child sexual abuse and I do sometimes wonder if that and other matters could be the real reasons.

One of the other matters is funding, there is a lot of money to be made supporting and counselling victims of abuse. Grants are available from local authority, government and public charities. In order to apply for grants you need to establish a group, you need counselors and most important of all you need victims.

The third reason maybe a need for some form of celebrity some people long to be a famous and respected and I think its a mistake to under estimate the need some people have to feel respected and even admired  I can think of few things more unhealthy to a recovering victim of CSA than to be burdened with the un-attained ambitions of another.

I’ve mentioned these subjects before both on blog and on Twitter I believe these silly and often contrived disputes endanger the whole search for justice for victims of child sexual abuse.

For now my sympathies are with the victims of the latest bout of undignified, unmerciful infighting. If, that is any of it is true.


A Tweet too Far

Twitter is full of what they call trolls I believe most of them are either employed by Twitter or in some cases encouraged by Twitter employees, there have been three deaths all suicides by people who got too close to Twitter and thought the behaviour there was allowed everywhere but for all the claims by the professionals the three suicides were amateurs not real trolls at all, such amateurs are the tools of professional trolls and when the amateurs are forced to acknowledge reality so the dread, fear and terrible depression that comes with knowing they have been used descend to evidently terrible effect.

Is Ireland the right place for Twitter I don’t think so. Ireland is so very local its easy for those with vested interests to find and get to know employees of Twitter support its even probable that technical employees are allowed to get involved in targeting individuals. Its all publicity right?

There is something very, very wrong with all Social Media sites and its most visible on Twitter

They’ll have been waiting for something frothing with rage and that was a mistake I’ve been enraged it doesn’t work unless you deal with the cause. I’m dealing with the cause

Wembley Stadium in mourning after Paris Attacks, London, Britain - 14 Nov 2015

ISIS Shock and Awe in Paris

It was hard to choose a picture the same colours appeared in almost every country. The famous landmarks of each country lit up to represent support for France and if we’re not very careful war to every Muslim country.

Holy war

Not seen for centuries but the beginnings of it were visible in France and elsewhere and its maybe something some Islamist’s don’t fully understand. Western countries look and often behave in a secular even decadent manner because they can and its both fun and liberating. Until disaster strikes and then people light candles and place flowers both symbols of Christianity and if that isn’t enough many go to church.

Christianity is old, older than Islam its presence in our lives is taken for granted even ignored most of the time but most people still get married in church, children are Christened in church, people are buried in Christian cemeteries and when tragedy strikes its the church people turn to and that turning has been happening for some time. Its visible in the growing anger at attempts to turn Christmas into ‘the holidays’  as if acknowledging and respecting the core of western civilisation is somehow offensive. Christmas is back and we must all hope that the crusades don’t return with it.

I think many Muslims are being taught that all they have to do is keep having children in time they will out number Christians, Atheists, Hindus, Buddhists Jews and everyone else. I believe before that happens there will be a bigger more destructive war than ever before lived through.

In many Mosques, ignorant ill educated Imams tell the followers they must not listen to non Muslims, they must not educate their children in the ways of other religions and most important they must obey Sharia law first. In some countries its worked if you look at some Asian countries Pakistan, Bangladesh for eg Islam is the biggest most aggressive religion treating non Muslims as lesser beings, but Islam is no respecter of Muslims either poor Muslims are treated almost as badly and slavery allowed in Islam is more or less normal. Muslims who believe they can take over Christian countries are treading and taking their followers down a very dangerous path.

In every war there have been what used to be called conscientious objectors and there were obviously some who sided with the enemy. All were dealt with ruthlessly in WW2 conscientious objectors were sent to prison or other out of the way places where they could do no harm, Nazi sympathisers either learned fast or were treated as enemy spies. Its not hard those who see an ineffectual politically correct police force and believe that’s all there is are gullible fools there’s a lot more all of it life threatening and the very beginnings of it are visible today on the streets of Paris.

I make no secret of despising Islam I want it banned. I want the burka and every religious head covering banned with it. I want to know gloves are worn because its cold not because a woman thinks showing her actual hands is a temptation too far for the uncontrollable male and I want every male who dares suggest such a thing thrown behind bars for the safety of all women and children.

But! I don’t want the people of Islam hurt I want them to recognise and dispose of Islam the religion almost all of them were born to and had no choice about joining. I believe that in Muslim countries and all over the world women are the first and most tragic of Islams victims. I don’t believe women want their daughter of eight or nine married off to a man in his forties and I don’t believe women want their sons raised to believe their mother is no more than a slave to male demands.

I do believe that before a hostile Christian population allows Muslims to take over there will be a horrible and deadly confrontation


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