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700 Million Women Were Child Brides, UNICEF Says


700 million child brides and 130 million victims of female genital mutilation.

Originally posted on TIME:

UNICEF released staggering new dataTuesday outlining the prevalence of child marriage and genital mutilation that continues to impact hundreds of millions of girls and women around the world.

More than one in three women in 2014 (some 250 million) were married before they were 15, the data says. Some 700 million women alive today were married before they were 18.

And while girls are one third less likely to experience female genital mutilation (FGM) today than they were 30 years ago, more than 130 million girls and adult women have experienced FGM in the Middle East and Africa, according to information released as part of UNICEF’s first-ever Girl Summit with the UK Government.

UNICEF is calling for accelerated action because even if the numbers decline at a steady rate, 63 million more girls will be mutilated by 2050. “The numbers tell us we must accelerate our efforts. And let’s…

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Daily Post – Middle Seat

It turns out that your neighbor on the plane/bus/train (or the person sitting at the next table at the coffee shop) is a very, very chatty tourist. Do you try to switch seats, go for a non-committal brief small talk, or make this person your new best friend?

This has happened to me particularly here in Ireland and even when ‘protected’ by a book. I don’t think of it as being an intrusion it can be a welcome interlude in what may be a longish journey, besides pointedly fiddling with your book or pretending to be deaf never works, all that happens is the book is ignored and you end up being shouted at for the length of the journey. Always I am asked where I’m going, perhaps the conversationalists want to know the likely duration of this ‘friendship’ I invariably respond why not when the people have in my case anyway always been elderly people.

Several times I’ve been on my way to Ballina and always without fail the moment I say Ballina my new ‘friend’ tells me “Oh no! You don’t want to go there its a rough, rowdy place.” I’ve no idea of the Ballina they’ve been to or what Ballina might have been years ago but the Ballina I know is a quiet, polite town where several times people have told me my dog Olly is “gorgeous!”

This is because the dog groomers I used to go is in Ballina and the hospital I had to go to about my back is also there or it was I think it might have suffered under the govt’s savage cost cutting. The people in Ballina are polite and friendly and I suspect unused to American Cocker Spaniels there seem to be far more English Cockers about. Its a town of busy, friendly people what more does anyone expect or require? The shops are good, the transport if not frequent is at least available and the wait in a clean, modern bus station complete with seating and vending machines is not uncomfortable.

Far from being rough and rowdy from what I’ve seen Ballina is a clean, well kept town, not so much one horse as one road but very nice for all that. Perhaps my friendly fellow passengers have been having a little fun or perhaps there’s more than one Ballina…..


Fallon Report – Paedophilia at Ashworth Special Hospital

Originally posted on cathyfox:

The following article from the Free Press 1999 is available here [1]

The original report is available here [2]

At present with lack of time I do not have time to read it, but pass it on for others to possibly research.

Special hospitals which include Ashworth, Rampton and Broadmoor were renowned for abuse -physical and sexual and pharmaceutical and need to be exposed to a wider audience.

“A psychopathic killer who kidnapped and murdered a Nuneaton schoolboy ran a paedophile ring at a top-security hospital for some of Britain’s most dangerous criminals.

The Fallon inquiry, a 500-page report published yesterday on the scandal-ridden Ashworth Special Hospital, found Paul Corrigan was the ringleader of a sophisticated paedophile ring.

He played a key role in the widespread sale and distribution of illicit pornographic videos at the unit.

Corrigan – labelled as one of Ashworth’s “untouchables” – was found to have 225…

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Grimm: A modern-day fairy tale


Some of us, as you do, face our demons every day, some days are lost others not but almost all are got through rather than celebrated. We all have our demons.
Nice, beautifully written.

Originally posted on ALIEN AURA'S BLOG: IT'LL BLOW YOUR MIND!:


Sometimes when the sharpened teeth of wolves are poised over throat and belly, when you can already see blood trails in the snow from your own screaming and agonising end, it is better to let the worst approach – and, if necessary, rend and rip you into a different shape.

We live in the expectation, largely unvoiced, that a knight on horseback will appear at the eleventh hour to rid us of wolves real and metaphorical – and that, like a fairy tale ending, we’ll all live happily ever after.

And so, we willingly take ourselves, whistling and red-cloaked, into the forests of the psyche and blithely ignore the approaches of witches, evil stepmothers, talking predatory beasts and enchanted royalty, preferring to see them through the mirror of romance as princes and princesses.

Monsters come up to us, wearing their fangs and tusks, their gory smiles, blasting their rank breath…

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Beware The Backlash: The Media And The Politics Of Paedophila


Its so important that everyone recognises the need to ensure the CSA investigations are not in anyway diminished or sidetracked.

Originally posted on theneedleblog:

I won’t stoop to counter the slurs and smears cast upon Tim Tate in the last couple of days.

I’ll just give him a voice.

I can only hope that those with ears to listen pay heed. Certainly anyone who really cares about this issue should.


By Tim Tate


“We are at a vital crossroads.

The coming weeks and months will determine the course of how paedophilia is investigated and how children can be protected from those who seek sexually to abuse them.

For the first time in a generation the public is being relentlessly bombarded with stories alleging the existence of VIP paedophile rings, cover-ups (both governmental and institutional) and accounts of men and women of the abuse they suffered as children.

This very public pressure – both in the mainstream press and in social media – has forced…

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What if?

I’ve been listening to judge Napolitano ask a series of interesting questions.

It set me thinking: What if I decided to ask some of my own?

What if I joined twitter in 2009 and three months or so after that began checking what blogs I could get through to, because most of them either took too long, hours! Or didn’t connect at all?

What if I was so inexperienced on the internet that I didn’t realise that every blog is a jealously guarded personal possession.

What if I simply didn’t realise that I was talking too much and no one told me.

What if my own blog was hacked, my online name used to send insulting comments on every post on my blog?

What if my blog was posted on another and opposing website without my permission?

What if the way the blog owner and his friends decided to handle my activity was not to send an email advising me to stop, too incriminating? but instead arranged an online assault so bad it went viral on twitter and was mentioned on Sky News?

What if the very next day on my own blog a commenter apologised for his part in the assault?

What if according to the records the commenter had taken no part in the assault?

What if I was banned from the blog but was determined to keep a very close watch on it?

What if I noticed that phrases or whole sentences from my own blog were appearing in both posts and comments on the one I was watching?

What if intrigued I returned to the blog when the opportunity to do so occurred?

What if I continued the way I began and got into several online disputes?

What if snippets of my blog posts kept appearing on the other blog?

What if one day there was another bust up and an incriminating mistake made by the other blog?

What if I decided that was enough and said I had copies of everything?

What if my laptop was hacked and all emails from the other blog deleted?

What if I keep separate copies of everything on my laptop?

What if the blog worker announces he’s not alone but part of a group/gang?

What if he changes his mind and says he ‘works’ alone?

What if I decide he must be sick, bipolar maybe?

What if the laptop is hacked again – and again?

What if I decide to take no action because I keep nothing very personal on my laptop and because of possible sickness of the blog worker and what harm can it do to an oldish woman?

What if that were just the beginning?

Daily Post – Can’t Watch This ! Hobsons Choice

When was the last time you watched something so scary, cringe-worthy, or unbelievably tacky — in a movie, on TV, or in real life — you had to cover your eyes?

I’ve brought an oldie here because it explains why and how I never watch anything I know in advance might be the least bit scary. I hope no one minds:-

He must have bought it and kept it because he liked it but I was surprised, shocked might be a better word.

Have you ever noticed how often it happens? some poor devil falls flat on his face and everyone laughs, everyone? except me I don’t laugh:

I think its true to say that my very first visit to the cinema was not a success. The film was Hobsons Choice and I saw a poor man falling down the stairs into the dark. People were laughing and I couldn’t understand what was so funny about someone being hurt. I remember being carried out of the cinema crying.

I can’t remember how old I was but the film certainly made a strong impression, enough to put me off Cinemas for a very long time. It was years before I could be persuaded to go to see a film again, even to Saturday morning cinema when all my friends went I stayed home and thought of a dark cave and a poor man falling into a black hole.

A few weeks ago there was a little incident with my Sky box, actually it was a very nearly catastrophic Incident and it forced me to find other diversions while I waited to get the box repaired. I started with the DVDs and went through them like a dose of salts. In fact I broke the DVD player…Its now been replaced thanks for asking.

With the DVD player out of action I turned my attention to videos. I was happily watching all the old films when I came across Hobsons Choice. I picked it up. I put it down. I looked at the box and read about the cast. I’m not a fan of John Mills, imo an over rated actor who was no good at accents. Charles Laughton had I understand a very bad off screen reputation and that added to the one other film I’ve seen him in, the imo boring Hunchback of Notre Dame, could hardly be described as a recommendation.

I Put the video down. I picked it up. I kept looking at it, even when I was watching another film my eyes kept wandering back to the grim little black box which had taken up residence on the coffee table. I kept pushing the thought away but try as hard as I might the tempting, frightening thought pushed back. Late last night I gave in to curiosity took my courage in both hands, sure what could possibly hurt me? and put the video on besides I wanted to see what had made me cry.

I was entranced! Its a delightful black and white gem of a film. Charles Laughton was brilliant, even John Mills was better than I expected. Brenda de Banzie was the leading lady and excellent. Everyone’s heard of Hobsons Choice, it’s a kind of a love story and a very, very good film.

It has taken me almost a life time to discover that the man who fell down the stairs was not the hero, that he was, for want of a better word the baddie, that he was drunk, that he did not die from wounds sustained in the fall but did in fact like the rest of the characters live happily ever after.


I always write from memory and rarely check the history. I believe that if you are writing a memory then that’s exactly what you should do. If you check first then its no longer a memory. This time as I finished the post I felt it was important to check dates, had I been older than I remembered? I needed to know so I Googled it.

Hobsons Choice was released in 1954 I was four years old. Who I ask you takes a four year old to see anything other than Micky Mouse and even then. The next time I went to the cinema was in 1959. I know this because it was a Tommy Steele musical and absolute rubbish. I’m a softee, I still cry at sad movies but not at Hobsons Choice which is not a sad movie at all but sure how could a four year old know.

I should tell you Hobsons Choice is based on the play of the same name by Harold Brighouse. Directed by David Lean its described as a working class comedy.


Having said all that and it is true I should also say the main reason I’m posting an oldie instead of a fresh up to the minute update is I’m binge watching Game of Thrones which is for me a pretty gory series.

Its easy all you do is switch over whenever the music changes to something of impending doom, I hate scary music almost more than I hate blood and gore, obviously if the characters look as though they’re going to kill something its switch channels, make some tea or read a blog. Can’t do that in the cinema…..



Some may have noticed that I’ve almost stopped posting on the many child sexual abuse allegations and reports that are, partly because of the good news about the upcoming review and investigation, being published in the MSM (main stream media).

My problem is that names are being openly tossed into the fray with it seems to me very little to back the allegations up. I’ve mentioned before that getting it wrong could be serious for victims and for those wrongly accused.

If a newspaper names people now using the same evidence and material that’s been available for years why didn’t they publish when the alleged offences occurred, what’s changed?

Basically nothing has changed. The investigations haven’t begun, no one has been formally questioned, no more rock solid evidence has been discovered. Its all old news being published by the MSM and if they can publish now before anything is confirmed or anyone charged they could have damn well done it years ago.

It seems to me that the victims in all this are being trampled upon by the MSM. Victims are people who live every day with the trauma of what happened to them I think the MSM and some bloggers should think about the harm false allegations which may result in dismissal of real crimes can do to victims.

Its important to remember that the age of consent for homosexuals was twenty one anyone involved in a relationship with someone younger was breaking the law. Most people disagreed with that and the law was changed. Its likely that some politicians were involved not with children but with teenagers who were below the legal age of consent.

Some say a victim is raped twice the actual assault and then the trial. This is beginning to look like trial by media. Where’s the rush in whose interest is it, could it be that one publication beats another? Because I don’t think the victims come into the equation at all.

I think it best to keep a very close watch on what the establishment are up to and only publish when all the facts are known.


The last time I checked more than 400 Palestinians and 14 or 15 Israeli soldiers had been killed. On both sides people have been wounded.

I’m not sure Israel even begins to understand the arithmetic or the psychology involved. Hamas have never appeared to be concerned about Palestinian losses for them every Palestinian death is a nail in Israels coffin and they’re not wrong. It was Israel who introduced the method of arithmetic, they said as much “for every Israeli killed by Palestinian supporters ten Palestinians would die” was the stern warning.

To Hamas and much of the world an Israeli killed by Palestinian supporters is a victory, any Palestinians who are killed is according to Hamas and others a price worth paying, but it was Israel who named the price and now have to live with it.

Tonight in towns, cities and hideouts all over Palestine Hamas will be celebrating their ‘victories’ of Israels creation. All over the rest of the world people will be doing the arithmetic – and condemning Israel. And all over Israel families will be mourning their loss, others will be dreading more and Israeli leaders will proudly point to a few tunnels and try to make their destruction sound like victory.

There are always more tunnels Hamas care less about them than they do about Palestinians.

This is what the world is watching:

Source: http://egyptianstreets.com/2014/07/20/this-is-what-ramadan-looks-like-for-palestinian-children/

Stupid, stupid Israel.